Free Essay Expanding on Colleague's Post about a HEART Intervention

Published: 2022-09-21
Free Essay Expanding on Colleague's Post about a HEART Intervention
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Expanding on Colleague's Post

In this essay, my colleague identified a HEART intervention as a culturally sensitive intervention for helping people living with HIV to adhere to anti-retrieval drugs. According to Mbuagbaw et al. (2015), adherence refers to the extent to which patients take drugs as prescribed by their healthcare professional. The author explained why HEART intervention is culturally appropriate for a patient of different ethnicities. I would like to add that to add that culturally appropriate interventions should address family systems, the perception of professional roles, systems, and language barriers ("Culturally appropriate intervention," 2013). Apart from what was discussed by my colleague, I would also like to say that HEART intervention adheres to the concept of cultural appropriateness is using appropriate language level and use of simple, nonmedical terms that can be easily understood by the client or participant (CDC, 2015).

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Further Suggestions

I agree with my colleague that community-based participatory research (CBPR) strategies can make the HEART intervention more culturally appropriate thus further improving adherence to anti-retroviral treatments. Also, the incorporation of CBPR strategies in HIV interventions is aimed at empowering communities to address the factors associated with the current inequality and identify their problems and seek relevant solutions (Adams et al., 2015). Additionally, the use of CBPR is useful in acknowledging and implementing the respondents' needs, behaviors, and beliefs regarding their well-being (Riffin et al., 2016). I would have also added that CBPR contributes to the effectiveness of the HAART intervention because community members bring their knowledge and lived experience to the research with the aim of combining education and action to accomplish social change that would be beneficial to the community (Lazarus et al., 2014).


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