Paper Example. Drug Control and Intervention

Published: 2023-11-13
Paper Example. Drug Control and Intervention
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Consumption of illegal drugs in the United States causes massive damages for the users are adversely affected psychologically, and this mostly reduces the size of the workforce. Additionally, a lot of issues are used in managing the usage of the drugs, and this is an issue that the federal government should ensure that it is controlled to avoid causing damages to the country’s population. There are beneficial drugs, such as the ones that are offered in health units, for they help in stopping the various ailments that are affecting the Americans. However, the drugs that will be considered in this discussion are the harmful ones, such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, which are not prescribed by the physicians.

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One of the significant measures that the government should undertake to ensure that it is controlling their production is stopping the distribution at the sources. When the production process is stopped by the government, then it means that these drugs will not be available in general circulation, and the public will not consume them. Additionally, the resources that are used in the production process will be directed towards other beneficial activities, and this is a move that will support the growth and development of the American economy to great effect.

The benefits that can be realized through the management of the production process can be notable from the point of the massive damages that are experienced in the country after the use of these drugs. The users are likely to have damaging side effects that may include rising cases of patients that are insane. Additionally, the issues of managing the conditions that arise from the problem are expensive, and this calls for the need to manage the problem at the source before it spreads throughout the country. The government should avoid the issue of controlling the trafficking or consumption of drugs, for this is a fight that is hard to handle, and it should result in stopping the sources from working.

The drugs are addictive, and when the public starts using them, it is challenging to stop the process even though trafficking management. Therefore, the most critical strategy to adopt in managing the use of harmful drugs is by stopping their usage at the source. Stopping the production process at the source means that the country will manage to have an effective way of controlling the wrong usage of drugs. It will manage to control the misuse of the limited resources available. Controlling the drug trafficking process is an expensive and ineffective process, for it will need the recruitment of a large number of officers who will be assigned the duty of curbing the trafficking process. The funds that are directed towards the recruitment of the officers can be directed towards the growth of other economic sectors supporting the rising and growth of the United States. Therefore, the most effective and essential way of controlling the issue of drug trafficking is to stop the production process at the source.

One of the most effective strategies that can help in stopping cases of drug trafficking and organized crimes is the tightening of the laws and supporting the imprisonment of the persons that are found to have committed a crime. The issue of imprisonment acts as a deterrence against people committing drug trafficking crimes. When the person involved in the selling of drugs are arrested, and imprisonment, the number of people committing the crime reduces and creates fear among the public that engages in such a behavior has severe consequences. The trafficking network will be cut off, especially when the masterminds are the ones that are imprisoned. The juniors will lack the leadership that they need to ensure that their trafficking business is thriving. Therefore, with no leadership platform to direct how the drugs will be distributed, the business will collapse.

There is a need to ensure that strong laws are instituted to ensure that the drug traffickers are receiving heavy punishment against their actions. Additionally, corrupt officers should be eliminated from the judicial system to ensure that the rule of law is followed to the letter. Cases of bribing the court officials should be stopped at all costs for the move will ensure that justice is realized and all the persons involved in the organized crime activities’ are prosecuted. With the imprisonment, the judges will be working on their operations without the need to use the United States troops, money, or agents. The money that would have been directed towards the running of these agents’ affairs will be directed towards other developmental activities.

In conclusion, there exist various ways of controlling the issues of drug tracking, and organized crimes, and the procedures have different levels of effectiveness. The United States should ensure that stopping the trafficking of drugs should be done at the source, for this will stop all the other distribution networks that are involved in the spreading of the products. Imprisonment is one of the effective programs that can help in stopping the activities, for it will act as a deterrent factor by creating fear among other agents that are not arrested. Additionally, imprisonment of the senior figures in the distribution network will ensure that the groups involved in the distribution process lack leadership leading to the collapsing of the drug cartels.

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