Free Essay Example on Drug Addiction Slavery

Published: 2022-05-06
Free Essay Example on Drug Addiction Slavery
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Among other chronic disorders, drug addiction tends to fall under the same category because it changes the structure and the normal functioning of the brain. As a result of such changes in brain structure, addicts tend to become dependants of a given drug despite its negative consequences. For instance, once an individual smokes crack, the drug enters immediately into the bloodstream changing the means by which the brain processes chemical leading to more demand for the drug to feel normal. This paper argues why legalizing drug addiction is morally disgusting despite saving on the cost incurred in establishing rehabilitation centers.

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In support of legalizing drug addiction; the government and hospitals would reduce the costs of paying for rehabilitation and prisons due to the rise in violent behavior from addicts. Because drug addiction leads to change in the brain structure causing chronic disorder, the government is forced to incur a lot of money well paying for addicts' treatment before being presented in courts concerning drug trafficking among other violent behaviors. Similar to plantation slavery, drug addiction is passed on from one generation to the next making it almost impossible for abolishment. For that reason, youths end up abusing drugs out of the acts illustrated by their elders. Therefore, legalizing such action would be cheaper rather than developing institutions and hospitals to rehabilitate addicts and imprisons to detain drug peddlers. Corlett (2013) states that compared to abolishing drug addiction making it legal tend to be favorable to drug addicts as they will have the freedom to feel usual because some of them have become dependants of these drugs. Once an adult becomes a drug addict their brain structure tends to be destroyed and impossible to reverse it; thus, it would be advantageous to legalize drugs to such people since the damage is irreversible despite rehabilitation and counseling.

Notwithstanding the fact that the government will save on the cost of conducting drug addiction cases and paying for rehabilitation centers, once drug addictions become legalized it would lead to increase in violent behaviors. Drug addicts tend to yawn for more drugs; hence, an increase in the intake of crack addiction leading to the rise immoral actions. Just as stated by an expert drug pediatrician, babies born with crack addiction are likely to recover from drug addiction a few months after delivery (Lamkin, M. (2016). Therefore, legalizing drug addiction would lead to more harm than benefits because such children would not improve if they are exposed to drug addiction. On the other hand, legalizing drug addiction would increase the rate of paranoid violence among adults' addicts.

Even if the government set up approved narcotic centers to regulate the intake of drugs, drug peddlers would cut costs making their drugs cheap without restriction on the amount of consumption; hence, increasing crime because crack leads to obsessed violence.

To sum up, although it's passed from one generation to the next, abolishing drug addictions at a tender age would assist in eradicating habits that led to violent behaviors. Consequently, a child is born as an addict they would only recover after some months in a free- drug zone; hence, it's essential for the government to focus on newborn babies because they are the future generations. Also for addicted adults, the government should abolish drug addiction to prevent them from passing immoral behaviors to children and reduce the supply of the drugs.


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