Free Essay on The Greatest Generation Book

Published: 2019-01-21
Free Essay on The Greatest Generation Book
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Rebuilding the nation in an era of the great depression.

Browkaw in his book demonstrates that the war time generation had a difficult time in rebuilding the nation in an era of the great depression. The technology world coupled with the millennials make it harder as they are not interested in most things that help in prosperity of the nation. According to The New York Times, "Certainly there were those who failed to measure up, but this generation did a rendezvous with destiny that went beyond expectations of President Roosevelt when he first issued the call to duty in 1936"(Para 40). The silent generation was willing to serve the nation which is not the case with the millennial.

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The question is answered in that even in these times there are people still going through difficult challenges maybe not as similar to the war but still had for them (Lehmann-Haupt para 8). Cultural issues are still present in the society, for example, the black lives matter campaign which indicates that racial prejudice is still a problem. Back in the day's racism was an issue just as it is. "The majority of black men were still living in the states of the former Confederacy". (New York Times para 30). They had not regained freedom to serve in the war like the rest of the citizens. However the women of the older generation picked up easily and became part of the working class opening ways for the current generation to work as they please.

According to Bovino, the current generation has realized that they need to step up and become a goal and career oriented generation for them to make any changes in the society (Para 2). The primary challenge is that the young people are the most educated in the history of the country. For this reason, most of them if not all have significant student loans to pay back and therefore economic freedom is not readily available. The people are over-educated but under-employed. . Generation that is no longer interested in jobs that back in the days were considered to be productivity for example factory work and farming is currently considered as outdated. Most of them prefer white collar jobs of which have been doubted to make the generation as great as is expected. Contrary to the silent and baby boomers generations, "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. And we shall not flag or fail". (NewYork Times Para 24). Some opt to start their own businesses because they cannot get jobs of their own choice while others find it easy in life as their parents had worked hard to provide for them everything they have.

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