Does Violent Media Cause Violence In Real Life? Find Answer in Our Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-25
Does Violent Media Cause Violence In Real Life? Find Answer in Our Essay Example
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Virtually ever since the advent of television in every household, many social scientists have sought to understand the degree of correlation between the subjects of media violence and real-world aggression. Of course special concerns have been raised over a number of media platforms that have continuously propagated violence, quite a number of them have ostensibly fed the public with important information in their daily lives. Notwithstanding, the subsequent aggression that young people show in the society as a result of prolonged exposure to media contacts the leitmotifs of violence media towards a violent society. However, these supposed exposure that young people often get from most television programs has posed detrimental effects to societal comfort for both short-run and long-term stretches.

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Televisions, movies, internet and video games bring about violent content and this why parents need to be more cautious about. In evidence back in the 1960s one of the most well-known studies some children watched an adult playing with an inflatable doll. As they watched, the adult moved towards the doll and sat on the doll, and began punching the doll by the nose, hitting the head and kicking it. The children were done watching and they were taken to a playroom which had all sought of dolls and toys. The kids began punching the dolls and kicking them hard as they saw from the video of the adult (Drabman, Ronald and Margaret ). Eventually they found a new role of beating up the dolls and went on kicking the dolls more aggressively.

In this case most children watching movies end up watching wrong this beyond their capacity. In the highly developed estates we find such cases. This is in the united where this 12 year old children were taken for a live show and watched a movie by Racketeer. In the movie its shows footage which contained characters using guns. They were taken to a large room accumulated with various toys and toy guns. In suspense the children imaged the movie and went along doing what the movie showed. They played more aggressively to the point of noticing there was a hidden gun in the room, which they took it from its hiding place and went on playing with it. In real sense violent media can cause aggression to children.

Things like guns and other bad items should be kept out of reach of children it might endanger the lives of our young ones. Children get curious about everything and do not understand between real toys and guns. The presence of a gun is enough to elicit aggressive behavior. Violent media can cause more aggression children in that the videos children saw in the studies were pretty mild. They saw someone playing roughly with a doll, a movie that was rated PG, keeping children away from violent media and toy weapons that might encourage aggressive behavior. This children should have responsible parents living them by their own that's bring to the point of having access in doing what they want. Parents think by spoiling them with goodies and expensive things, taking them out to movies, and other fun times is helping them (Carnagey, Nicholas, Craig , and Brad ).

But in this case they are the ones contributing to the aggressive way of living. Pampering your child with everything is not the way out just keep him away of violent media out there he might end up training to be one. Violent media in cases relating with adolescent it brings about fear, emotions, physiological effect and hence become more aggressive. In real life adolescent intend to get to know things beyond their limit. Like this digital life everything is all over the violent media post in face book, WhatsApp, YouTube and the rest. Videos are all over when violence appears in any part of the constituency they post it on this apps and then it's shown all over the world. Dirty pictures of killings, smuggling of innocent victims and bribery is known on our phones. Whoever brought this digital smart thing should also accountable of what's happening to our adolescents'. They such for these videos watch them and finally practice it and become more aggressive to the world (Funk and Jeanne ). They become emotional, fearless coincides between them and they intend to revenge on the dead by being violent too.

Unlike our television nowadays it brings about violent video movies this are the horror movies am talking about which keep every eye awake. Video games that are brought are one way or another hinder to our generation. Movies that come through using dangerous weapon like guns, weapons like the spades and our adolescent intend to practice it this reminds me of a story back then when researchers in the country of Somalia researched about an adolescent who was found in a room with a dead body lying beside him. The boy was watching a movie by The Rock which had lots of weapons used and he had to kill someone and the boy found it amusing. One day as the boy was walking by he spotted a weapon which looked like a gun and little did we know the boy took the gun and went on with his way. As they say all that glitters is not gold. The gun looked like gold to him and he decided to experiment it on someone (Drabman, Ronald and Margaret ). He eventually killed someone using the gun. If the boy had not seen the movie the man could not have died. This boy did just what he saw at the movie and he become aggressive and killed someone. That's why violent movies bring about aggression to the adolescent. Adolescent get to be curious at anything they see and that's why they practice everything they see. We should be cautious at everything we do and come around. There still ongoing debate on the effects of media violence. A public health research perspective is to be considered. Television, films, video computer games have short term effects. Cruelty is also conjoint in video games. About 98% of PC sports that take a period assessment on behalf of matured spectators enclose violence. Conversely, straight PC

Sports minus period precincts contain minor expanses of violence. Game rated violence exists for all ages in about ninety seven percent and sixty four percent. It was established by one study. Viciousness stands regularly an essential portion of the game; performing viciously in the interior the game is in most cases salaried or else is basic to progress. The latest 50 ages numerous readings devour existed steered scrutinizing the linkage concerning broad casting violence and hostile behaviour (Carnagey, Nicholas, Craig , and Brad ). Different methods are cast-off to array this studies as well as advantages and weaknesses. Judging aggressive behaviour now the research test site is regularly challenging, subsequently numerous methods of anger like striking, offensive, strike out cannot be morally operated in trial settings. On behalf of this intention a number of dissimilar means of virtuously gauging forceful actions in the test site have remained established, such as the abovementioned prototype. The mission of grim dilemmas to certify one more person's failure or the demonstration of garish blast to an antagonist are further means and ways. Other first choice are vacant in sports readings. On behalf of illustration, one can experimentally disclosure to intense or diplomatic tapes aforementioned to a game like field hockey and formerly predicament exactly in what manner the accomplices act while playing the game. Others partake done analogous ground investigates with offspring on handling video game preceding to spotting their behaviour on the play area. Even though, firstly glimpse these methods may appear to be measured differently, theoretically each of these methods measures the magnitude to which applicants determinedly harm another individual who is encouraged to elude that injury, the core of violent behaviour.

Besides, investigation has recognized the rationality of many old-style test site antagonism hypotheses review .Guns are needed for protection and rumours makes individuals feel that crime is universal. Hundreds of murderers inspected and potential links to media violence are most shootings by individuals who recognize respectively each other and those that are some temporary clash and have a missile accessible (Drabman, Ronald and Margaret ). Typically only assassins who are not easily available, kill unfamiliar person. Contrasting the adolescent boys who slayed twelve schoolmates and a tutor damaging twenty one others at Columbine High School high Colorado previously before killing themselves. Their lives were encountered around violent video games. . In real sense I think the politicians also add about aggressive violence in our lives today, I say this because when our candidates are out there campaigning they intend to use dirty language and even bring about fights amongst each other. They use all sought of violent media to cause aggression to the people. When the people see this they get aggressive and intend to be more aggressive and cause tension to everyone and also bring about rioting. Whereas the media is there to deliver free video shows on our televisions. This should be stop at any way or another cause this media violence are not helping our kids and our future making. Example is when this man (Miguna) who was deported to his country, comes back to Kenya, and cause violence by not going back to his country. He even abuses people and on the other hand people are watching, our little young ones are all eyes seen the scene what do think will happen? Our people copy that, try to dare that and eventually aggression appears to us. Our children now know that there is power in not doing what one wants. He caused fracas which made people surprised and people might try one day. In teenagers and young adults equivalent effects have been observed. To those who review nonviolent clips do not behave more aggressively than those who watch.

A group was selected to view vicious or non vicious television before being asked to play a game against another participant in a typical experiment. (Carnagey, Nicholas, Craig , and Brad ) The participants have the opportunity to blast hostile sound and even acceptable to fluctuate time of the sound during the course game. It is viewed that the people who select high volume have the tendency to watching violent television content. The same analogy applies to people of color, that include teenagers and young adults who viewed violent content have a higher likelihood of being violent. The greatest advantages of experimental conditions is that it is done randomly and the participants are not specific hence the ability to control the confounding variables. Two equivalent groups that differ only in their level of media violence exposure are achieved through casually handover applicants to experience either vicious or non-vicious media, this creates two variables of chance (Funk and Jeanne ). Strong causal claims are received through this approach. Factors that may influence the relationship between media violence and aggression is controlled by researchers through the different experimental designs provided to researchers. An example may include the manipulation of the similarity between two players of the video game character. Extreme outcomes like murder can be investigated through the cross sectional studies for they are not unethically created by the researchers. It is probable to test many different explanations for media chaotic link simultaneously by using the design. Even after controlling the amount of time spent on any type of video game, violent video games and aggressive behavior is associated. Since it impossible to include all potential variables in any one study...

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