Essay Example on Success Through Hard Work and Resilience

Published: 2017-11-03
Essay Example on Success Through Hard Work and Resilience
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There are numerous volumes of books written about personal success in worldwide circulation. I even think the Christian Bible and the Quran are books on personal success. Religions dwell on explaining the true meaning of success and countless scholars struggle with the same topic through all ages. Nevertheless, in my own experience and learning, success is the direct result of hard work, and resilience. When one tries to excel and they meet challenges, they can either give up or keep going and am convinced that the person who keeps going when it is tough eventually achieves success. My family has been through a fair share of troubles and we have traversed many insurmountable challenges through determination, hard work and resilience. A practical example of what I mean is the history of the United States as a nation. Here is a nation that could have been stripped down the middle by the events of the Civil War and it could have disappeared in the books of history, but the founding fathers decided that the nation must remain even in the face of adversity.

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Resilience is our capacity to look at fear and defeat in the face, and remember to do something about it rather than go to bed and retire. If we are not resilient, it means we can give up on the pettiest challenges along our path. Without the courage to advance methodically in analyzing our challenging circumstances, it is so easy to abandon our struggles and blame other people or the circumstances. There are always countless excuses and blames to attribute to external agents, which we incidentally can control. Hard work makes us confident and it cultivates in us the tenacity to look at our attempts as useful steps in the game for success. Hard work builds muscle and intellectual preparedness that is always needed whenever we are faced with challenging tasks. Surprisingly, all our struggles are simplified by many years of people gone ahead of us. If our civilization had not cultivated literacy and advanced technologies, we would be excused for saying it is scary to go into the unknown alone.

According to Charles Darwin, people must struggle against odds to ensure the survival of their generation of to be able to preserve themselves. Albert Einstein also coined the famous principle of relativity that says we assign external objects the attributes they eventually assume. If we look at a challenge as too enormous, we are defeated by it, but if we perceive ourselves as greater, we can find ways of subduing all challenges. Until we adequately explore a puzzling situation, it always remains a challenge. The only sure way to overcome challenges is only through hard work because hard work prompts us to returns to the task until it is accomplished.

Success leaves many people with notion of material gain, accumulation of great fortune and I concur that a great fortune is one dimension of success. Other dimensions are also just as beautiful. For instance, a great painter who produces a monumental work must rest in the conviction that his work has benefitted humanity in some way. The same applies to a builder, a musician or a geographer. All satisfy a very fundamental human concern or need and are thus equally successful. The life of Mother Teresa was a successful life because she worked so hard to help needy children and she was eventually awarded. I have a deep conviction that honest hard work eventually attains essential commendable returns and approval. All great people in the history of the world have been people who work hard and who are honest to desire a good turn for their fellow men. The life of Nelson Mandela still inspire admiration globally for leading an African nation out of the turmoil of apartheid and racist segregation.

Many people like to give the excuse that when they work hard they demean their personality or individuality but it should be understood that physical hard work is good for our physical wellbeing. Our bodies gain when we indulge in physical activity just as much as our brains gain when we engage in intellectual activity. It has been observed that physical fitness is a huge boost for intellectual activity. People should not keep weak bodies in trying to evade some house chores that help us rejuvenate our bodies and reenergize our intellectual faculties. One thing that is important to observe always is not to overwork ourselves. Whenever we overwork ourselves, fatigue and a dislike for work sets in and this is a reason why many people cannot keep an active work schedule. Fatigue and the attendant ills make it impossible to recover rapidly and this can read to low motivation to accomplish tasks. Sometime a collegiate approach to work is vital because group dynamics inject social boost to team collaboration and greater performance at otherwise difficult tasks.

The reason why resilience is vital is that our own efficacy faces severe inconsistencies between tasks due to the fact that we are not standardized machines. Resilience is also vital because other people may disapprove our best efforts to demoralize us. We also need resilience because seasons change, we grow and we change over time so if certain tasks cannot be accomplished today, tomorrow is still a chance to survey their complexities and give a new trial. The hope to eventually succeed cannot be lost and when it is lost, there is very much little left in us. The people who have succeeded at anything can attest to the replenishing feeling we can cultivate by merely letting ourselves carry on through the process. Napoleon Hill famously coined the phrase that one cannot drive from New York to San Francisco having mastered every spot and bend on the road, but as the journey advances, the skillful drives carefully navigates the road to the end. The journey is everything when it comes to attaining success and that is my little bit of wisdom that I broadly share with classmates.

In conclusion, success is possible often when there are enabling environments. Every care must be taken to make environmental adjustments that enable success. The key thing about environment might not include a lot of external situations but internal arrangements. Anyone that wants to succeed must be very disciplined and regulated to a fixed schedule that becomes a routine. Routines help us navigate through distortions and distractions that can very easily make a day wasted. When such a routine is made to reinforce the efforts of the person, success is guaranteed to come. On the contrary, if the people seek success and are often distracted in many lousy ideals and lazy activities, success is sure to remain an empty dream. Whenever there are victories along the way, they ought to be celebrated or rewarded appropriately to reinforce commitment to the goal.

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