Essay Sample for You, Access to Health Care: Moral Right or a Privilege

Published: 2022-09-05
Essay Sample for You, Access to Health Care: Moral Right or a Privilege
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Why access to health care is a moral right but not a privilege

Health care is a requirement to protect the life and dignity of everyone. As one of the fundamental human rights, everyone must access health care as the slightest level of wellbeing to attain for survival. Therefore, the governments are obligated morally to do all its power to ensure that medically necessary care is affordable and accessible to all. On this ground, President Barack Obama implemented the Affordable Healthcare Act that warrants all American citizens the right to access health care but not a privilege. Therefore as a moral right but not a privilege, it calls for a better way of offering care to all. Marmor (2017) suggest the collaboration among stakeholders and adaption to effective plan accessibility, as a way of increasing access of health care.

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Why access to health care is not a moral right but a privilege

All moral rights to health care access inherently involve moral obligations such as to warrant that the suitable prerogatives are met. However, according to Arnold, Finniss, and, Kerridge (2014), the existence of moral obligations does not suggest in every occurrence the presence of equal moral rights. Besides, the declaration of the right to medical services was established upon a complicated political viewpoint, and moral right to health care access is unacknowledged by the legal system of any democratic nation (Waterhouse 2014). Unlike the archetypal right to "negative" autonomy, as first exemplified in the U.S. Constitution that confine the government from the haphazard and domineering use of its powers, a moral right to health care would permit individuals claimant through legal process to indulge the state to distribute resources to a particular magnitude and for a definite purpose. The accessibility of such measures would overturn the cooperative decision-making process as implemented by the judicial arm of government. Hence, access to health care on this ground is a well- wish of the government, in another world. Similarly, "there is nothing like 'free' health care somewhat universal health care is made feasible through shared societal responsibility" Culyer (1989). Citizens under the legal system are privileged to be guaranteed access to health care.

Healthcare an organization does not have to build evidence to support the fact health care is a moral right to all, but no one deserves to dies of a disease that is treatable. Therefore, it is time for America's government to enact health policy worth of the state highest moral principles. A healthy nation befits the government.


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