Lean Six Sigma Success Projects in Healthcare. Free Essay

Published: 2023-03-03
Lean Six Sigma Success Projects in Healthcare. Free Essay
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Lean Six Sigma is a method designed to remove problems, and waste and improve working conditions (Trakulsunti & Antony, 2018). Since 2012, a traditional Chinese medicine hospital used the Lean Six Sigma method to decrease errors in the infusion procedures at the respiratory unit (Trakulsunti & Antony, 2018). It was also used to improve cases the on-time rate of surgery and lower rerouting in outpatient clinical procedures. These projects consisted of three teams, each with a surgeon, a nurse, an administrative professional, and IT specialist. A strategic plan was laid out to make lean healthcare a driving force to empower staff, involve them in solving problems, and in training staff that would lead to continuous improvement. The main reason for establishing Lean Six Sigma was to serve patients better.

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At a public hospital in Spain outside Barcelona, the lean transformation was adopted by the enthusiastic staff that was committed to high-quality integrated health care. The work of team was applying different methods in problem-solving (Trakulsunti & Antony, 2018). Doctors and nurses also chose different leadership behaviors. The success of the lean project was due to the commitment to the process by staff and direct involvement by top management. The public hospital, in collaboration with mentors and the team from lean management, was challenged to diagnose situations and find answers on the cases. They also learned to stabilize their work and create a baseline for continuous improvements.

Joanna Omi initiated the project and was involved in rethinking and redesigning NYC health and hospital corporations using Lean Six Sigma. The team began by handling issues like chronic illnesses, revenue generation, financial stability, and access to primary healthcare by residents. Department heads focused on determining their priorities and applying lean thinking where it deemed fit. These projects enabled the proper management of patients in the emergency room. There was also a double-digit improvement in patient satisfaction with the management team working to working to create awareness on specific patient issues (Nayar & Nguyen, 2016).

Common Characteristics of Lean Six Sigma Projects

Of all the three projects of Lean Six Sigma, all hospitals focused on methods that benefited patients the most. Existing processes were done away with, and solutions that brought value to the patient sought. Such solutions included minimizing the time it takes to get to the point of treating the patient. (Chaurasia& Agarwal, 2017). There was also massive improvement in teamwork and strengthened the bond between top management and staff. The projects also involved studying processes and cutting out waste to ensure better outcomes in terms of patient satisfaction and efficiency and cost management. Methods that meant coming up with plans that involved what needed a change from the procedure's patients had to go through to the happenings during treatment.


Lean principles can be applied to reduce errors in medicine, lower mortality rates, reduce the time used up by patients in hospitals, and improve methods used to take care of patients. There is also a need to enhance the relationship between top management doctors and nurses for the achievement of Lean Six Sigma effectively. There is a need to come up with working procedures from patient admission to treatment to reduce the time spent by patients in hospitals. Lean Six Sigma directs employees to a common cause hence ensures employee satisfaction as leaders can clarify and rationalize their message.


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