Discussion Essay Sample on the Clinton Foundation

Published: 2022-03-23 17:57:02
Discussion Essay Sample on the Clinton Foundation
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Over the past few months, an investigation has been ongoing into the Clinton Foundation. The investigation concerns occurrences before the 2016 campaign. Tension has been building between the FBI and prosecutors in the Criminal Justice Department concerning facts of the case which is understood to be very politically influenced. A probe into the case had halted but it resumed after the elections.

1. This is categorized as an issue-focused conflict. The conflict involves a determination of the source of donations that were transferred to the Clinton Foundation's accounts. Investigators have been attempting to establish whether any donations received by the foundation have any links to the period between 2009 and 2013 when Clinton held the position of Secretary of State (Zapotosky et al., 2018).

2. The Clinton Foundation has distanced itself from any allegations of benefiting from Clinton's time in office despite the Republican Party being on the forefront in pushing for reopening of the investigations. On the other hand, the Democrats are accusing the Trump administration of pushing for a probe into the conflict as a means of punishing old enemies (Denverpost.com, 2018). Both parties are accusing the FBI of partisanship considering that Trump is also under investigation for a host of issues related to the elections. There have also been allegations of lying to the FBI, which prompted Charles E. Grassley to request an investigation into the claims.

3. The probe is still in the felt conflict stage. In this stage, tension and discomfort are felt by both parties to the conflict. The conflict may be blown out of proportion by the accusations and counter-accusations by both parties. The spokesman of the Clinton Foundation, Craig Minassian, released a statement claiming: "Time after time, the Clinton Foundation has been subjected to politically motivated allegations, and time after time these allegations have been proven false. None of these has made us waver in our mission to help people" (NBC News, 2018). On the other hand, Republicans are claiming to be concerned about the corruption in the foundation, specifically, deals made by Clinton during her time in office. These accusations and counter-accusations have seen rising tensions between the members of the two parties.

4. Therefore the conflict remains unresolved at the moment. The director at the FBI, in 2016, gave a recommendation for closure of the case, but this only happened temporarily as the case was reopened though he never altered his stance on the case (Denverpost.com, 2018). Prosecutors are still studying the facts of the case and assessing the records of concluded investigations to find out whether the case warrants a court hearing.

5. I consider a compromising approach to be the best conflict management strategy in this case. This strategy would involve urging both parties to adopt a cooperative approach that will eventually leave both parties satisfied. Using this approach, the FBI may be required to adopt a middle-ground that will not be too harsh: in return, the Clinton Foundation may be required to disclose a few facts of the case and other individuals involved in it. The Clinton Foundation would then be acquitted of its charges. This approach would lead to the satisfaction of both the Investigation Department and the Foundation.

6. I hold the opinion that the Clinton Foundation did not benefit in any way from Clinton's Position as Secretary of State. The claims are politically instigated by the Trump administration and are therefore mere witch hunt.

7. I would advocate for the case to be handled impartially without political interference. Political interference distorts facts of the case which may lead to denial of justice to the parties involved hence which will worsen the political environment in the United States "Conflicts can be a source of destruction when not handled effectively by managers. Personality conflicts and arguments can generate a negative spiral that can poison the entire environment of an organization, resulting in chaos, miscommunication, lack of trust, and falling productivity" (Sawhney, 2014).

Overall, the Stalling of the case and reopening of investigations, in addition to the accusations and counter-accusations between parties, is a clear indication of the political influence in the conflict. The felt conflict stage is a critical stage of any conflict hence the case should be handled impartially to prevent it from escalating into chaos.


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