Essay Sample on Tense relationship

Published: 2022-12-13
Essay Sample on Tense relationship
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The Al-Yusra's are a small family of 4, with Fayed and Malika being the parents and Jamal and Leilah being their children. The family is immigrants from Afghanistan, displaced by the war on-going in the region. The family has tried over the years to find a permanent place of a resident with peace and accommodative. Jamal, the father of the family was a UN-official in Afghanistan and hence managed to secure U.S. Citizenship for his family and himself and they currently live in Texas. He was able to provide for the family comfortably and efficiently. The two children are enrolled in a good school close to their home, their father still works for the U.N. and the wife Leilah has no occupation, hence is a stay at home mum.

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The family's ecomap drawn above shows various relationships with their different connections. First is the government or police as these were the first people they encountered upon entry to the U.S. is a Muslim family, the Al-Yusra's felt they had to undergo multiple screening and vetting from disease checks to security checks, some of which they felt were unnecessary. These 'stringent' checks the family experienced at the airport, coupled with the routine stops they undergo as Fayed drops the kids to school or on his way to work have created a loose and fearful relationship between the family and the government/police. The family feels the government is looking for mistakes, even slight ones to deport them, in addition to the regulations set by the government that does not seem to favor Muslims. There are some of the basic nursing practices that could help in cementing the family relations such as attending counseling and trainings to hel with improving togetherness within the family. Mainstone (2014) agrees that the current state of American deportation laws is unfavorable to immigrants, particularly Africans and Muslims.

On the contrary, the Muslim population that the Al-Yusra family has interacted with is largely supportive and there is positive energy flow between them and the family. Every Fridays, the Al-Yusra family gathers with other Muslims to share their faith at a nearby mosque and encourage each other. The unity and togetherness depicted by the Al-Yusra family is an indication of the progress that families can achieve when they work together. Beyond this, there are various Muslim unions that both Jamal and Leilah are members of. However, the state of Texas seems still mostly phobic to people of the Islamic religion and the children feel discriminated against on many occasions, even while walking the streets to a function or restaurant. This religious phobia is due to the fact that the Muslims have come under sharp criticism due to the terror activities in the past. Perry (2012) adds that the phobia Americans have of foreigners is deeply stemmed in the attacks of September 11th.

The Al-Yusra's left most of their relations back in Afghanistan and hence, contact between them is minimal and often through video chats. There has, however, been an attempt to keep in touch with the families back home. This is an attempt to rekindle their relationship with the kinship back home. Allen (2016) agrees that there are deep feelings of separation and segregation when one is alienated from their family, this, as the author adds, leads to an uncomfortable feeling of not belonging in their current environment. The absence of family ties in the states makes it hard for the family to feel at home in the U.S. as said above. There is stress and disorder in the family owing to the loose ties between the family and their kinship at the U.S. Jamal and Leilah have however managed to secure friendships with other students at school, however, at times they both feel discriminated against, based on their religion. Some students make fun of them as 'jihadists', this has made their stay at the school they are enrolled in somewhat difficult and thus an imbalanced energy flow between them and the school fraternity.

Fayed, the head of the family is the sole breadwinner. He thus goes to work daily and his colleagues on a whole are very civil and sympathetic with his having to move to the U.S. due to war. Majority of the colleagues are people who have traveled the world hence, have a much-expounded view of it, hence are less racial and discriminatory towards him. The racial challenge that exists in the society has historical ties among some of the social atrocities that the indigenous U.S society has had to confront over the years. Furthermore, Fayed is engaged in different outreach programs that are composed of mixed race team members this sensitizes his fellow staff on the importance of cultural integration. Cultural integration is healthy for social developments and harmony in the society at large. There is thus a positive energy flow from work. Malika, who stays home and interacts most of the times with the neighbors, normally feels that they put on fake smiles and shows of hospitality, as when any attacks happen, they seem to act differently or look at her differently, almost with a judgmental eye. This has thus made the relationship weak between her and their neighbors and her family by extension.


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