Free Essay: Audience Assessment of Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Published: 2020-04-27
Free Essay: Audience Assessment of Columbia Accident Investigation Board
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The loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia along with its seven crew members was a devastating blow to NASA and the United States government. A consequent board report was brought together to analyze the causes of the accident as well as identify future corrections that could be made to avoid another similar disaster. This report provides the audience assessment of that report.

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This board report describes the accident that brought loss of seven crew members and the Space Shuttle Columbia. It also provides the reasons for the accident and the recommendation for the future Space Shuttle program. The primary audience of this report is the NASA and the secondary audience are the government. They are the ones that have to be aware of why the accident happened and prepare for spacecraft safety. The purpose of this report is to let the audience know the cause of the accident and give recommendations on how to operate the Shuttle and future craft safely.

This document will be used for the improvement of the physical and organizational cause. Also, it would be used to let other people know about this topic and pay attention. The government and the NASA will consider this event further and fulfill the needs of the program. There were several years of resource constraint, schedule pressures, fluctuating priorities and other problems which were related to this accident. They will look into these issues and will be focusing on solving the cause of the accident. The technical background of this document is from high to moderate.

There were some technical words and phrases used in the report, but there are appendices at the back explaining those in detail for entire audience. This report is for the all kinds of readers. Before this report has been published, audience barely knew about the accident and they did not know the cause of it or its findings. The document would be perfect if the author provides specific ways of organizational prescription. The probable questions might be as following: What should the government do with the resource problems? Is this document reliable? What were the organizational barriers that prevented the communication? How can we improve to overcome organizational cause?

The prevailing attitude toward this topic is a state of being highly interested not only for the primary and secondary audience, but also for the people worldwide. This event was a worldwide phenomenon. The project failed in the full glare of the global eye and people would be interested to know what went wrong and what NASA is doing to fix it. Also, the Space Shuttle program is an interesting subject since space travel has often fascinated many people. Because of the interest of this topic, different people will have different opinions on how to prevent future accidents. The role of this report was to ensure that expert opinions were included in the reasoning to prevent future accidents.

The audience would be receptive to this content and authors opinion, but some people may feel that the report should be more in detail such as in recommending organizational actions. This organizational climate seems to be strict and it seems that there are some pressures for the work schedule. The organization most affected by this document is NASA who are firstly responsible for the safety of their aircrafts. Since the occurrence of the accident, the burden has been on NASA to ensure safe engineering practices and improve the physical working conditions of its workers. More attention should also be given to the Space Program by governments if it is going to successfully take off. Governments should be willing to provide all the necessary support to the program so that the program is not alienated and problems are easily solved under a flexible budget. The report makes use of appendices that are useful to the layman reader, and thus no risk of alienating the reader.

The reason why this document was published is to improve on spacecraft safety and analyze the reasons for the accident to avoid future similar situations. This will be a basis for future decisions on spacecraft work and the Space Program. No cultural considerations are made in this report because the problem on lies within the U.S. the report would, however, be useful to other countries should they create space programs of their own in future.

The acceptable length of the document is the average report that explains the accident in detail enough. This report is very important to this audience, since they can be careful with their future decision and this is directly connected to human life. There are many people watching and hope for no more human losses. To keep the program safe enough, this report is needed for them. Also, this report enables them to develop more in spacecraft field. It describes which part of the Space Shuttle they should look more into and work for improved outcome.

The most useful arrangement in the report is that the author divided the content into three big part explaining the accident itself first, the causes of the accident, and how we should prevent it. This arrangement makes the content more readable and it seems organized. The author uses the encouraging tone to inspire the audience. The intended effect on this audience is to let them get ready for their right decision on Space Shuttle related work such as public policy, budgetary consideration, and compromises. Due date of this topic is not specified, but the action is necessary for implementation before the next Space Shuttle program.

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