Me and My Friend

Published: 2023-01-10
Me and My Friend
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In this essay, I am going to start to talk about me and my friend separately then I am going to compare and contrast ourselves. We have been friends for a while, and I know very well what my friends like and she also knows what I like. Being friends make us trust each other and tell each other stuff that no one else knows except us, we know each other's school from kindergarten to where we are now. Since we are both humans, there is some comparison, but there are those natural human differences betwixt us.

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I liked food since birth, just put something edible in front of me and I would eat it, I don't have things like allergies of foods, so that I can eat anything be it red meat, white meat, vegetables, anything. Food makes me calm, so I tend to eat a lot when I am stressed out or when I am thinking hard. I have a streetwear style whereby I wear clothes that the youths wear; the clothes are not casual or formal, one wears anything any place any time, I do not wear suits because I prefer t-shirts and jeans and always feel good when I rock in vans type of shoes.

Though my age I love watching animations and cartoons I, go to theaters just to watch cartoons. I find it very interesting and funny. Usually, I laugh at the way they have been generated, and I like it the way they make kids happy because when a grown-up looks at it he or she will not find anything interesting with it. When I take coffee I am caught with anxiety, so I prefer taking tea to coffee, plus coffee makes one lose sleep and the way I love drinking something hot during the evening hours, and when one takes coffee, it makes them not to feel asleep and maybe after the drink the person wanted to sleep.

My friend, however, when it comes to food, she is allergic to red meat that is a goat or even cow meat; the only t6hing she can take is white meat which includes of fish chicken and many others. When she eats red meat, she gets rashes all over her stomach area and tends to become puffy one the face and the wrist area. She hence does not partake any red meat, or any of its substances be it soup or anything.

She usually loves to wear official types of clothes even though it will not be a full suit it will always be official with her. The advantage of this is that a person can wear endorsed clothes anywhere anyplace that is to most of the time. She would wear an indorsed when going to a lecture lesson and also wear it going to a wedding and do not find it odd when she dresses like that even when going to a friend's birthday party.

Tamaya that's the name of my friend she loves horror movie, and also updated to new releases. I do not understand how a person can like a thing that scares him or her; the way horror movies give a personal nightmare, my friend still watches them even when it is at night, and that kind of thing is usually scary to most of the people I know. Watching this kind of movies comforts her.

She also loves taking coffee when doing so because it keeps her awake so as not to miss any part of any scene. She mostly prefers taking coffee to tea which can make a person think that she is also allergic to milk which she is not. Going to hotels or even gatherings you would never find her drinking tea where else there is an exception of coffee, she says that coffee makes her concentrate and can make her think of things with no disturbance of flow.

So, I eat anything be it red or white meat, vegetables or anything but when it comes to my friend, she is allergic to red meat. She gets rashes on her body which is not a pleasant sight to lay one's eyes upon and her wrist also gets puffy. The difference here is she cannot eat red meat while I can take both red and white meat without any troubles or getting any form of rashes or getting puffy anywhere.

When it comes down to dressing, I roll with casual wear while my friend would prefer wearing suit-wear. She likes suits and trousers which are not made out of anything like jeans or leather while I prefer wearing jeans, t-shirts, leather jackets and anything that is not so official even when going to an official destination and these are the kind of clothes that my friend does not have in her wardrobe.

When it comes to the genre of movies, we like different things that are because I like watching animations and cartoons while Tamaya loves watching horror movies. An animation is something that when one watches one is happy and tends to laugh a lot that is compared to horror movies whereby there is no scene that can make a person happy because the show is supposed to make a person scared.

When it comes to drinks, I frequently drink coffee which usually makes me feel calm, and I do not like coffee because it makes me lose sleep. When it comes to my friend, it is the vice versa of me because she likes coffee more than tea. Even though we are good friends, people have their differences just like the way my friend and I have ours as seen above.

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