Strategic Use of Technology in Chesapeake IT Consultants, Essay Example

Published: 2022-05-06
Strategic Use of Technology in Chesapeake IT Consultants, Essay Example
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Chesapeake IT Consultants (CIC) is a very stable company that offers technology consulting services. CIC has received a tremendous growth and success from the talents of its IT consultants and the quality IT service it offers to its clients. In the anticipation to win two large contracts, CIC plans to expand its workforce by employing new consultants who will be able to offer IT consultation services promptly and efficiently. Currently, CIC is facing a challenge of hiring 75 consultants as fast as possible and therefore it seeks to find a commercial off-the-shelf software product that will automate manual hiring processes to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. The introduction of the IT system to higher new consultants will be of great importance to the CIC because it will be able to solve the challenges that the current manual system has been experiencing.

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The IT system could be used support the CIC's strategies and objectives in a number of ways. The introduction of a new IT system will allow CIC to improve the speed of hiring process and through this, it will be able to recruit more consultants as possible to address the needs of new contracts. The use of the current manual system to high new consultants can only support a slow recruitment process and through this, the company will not find a solution to its current challenge. New information technology will allow CIC to win more new contracts because it will have a good number of consultants that can meet the needs of different clients.

It is also necessary for CIC to invest in this new IT system because it is a cost-effective information system which offers a lot of benefits to the company. The use of commercial off-the-shelf software product to improve hiring process is a way of improving or automating hiring process at a very lower cost. The total cost required to implement this IT system is very low in both short -run and long run. The company will use an insignificant amount of money to buy the software although the cost of training personnel to use it seems to be expensive. The benefits that the company will receive from implementing this system are higher than the cost of installation and this makes it a viable investment project that the company should avoid. With this new IT, CIC will be able to win new contracts which will make it generate higher revenues from its consultation services. High level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness that the new IT will provide will ensure that it has an efficient workforce that will be able to offer high quality and satisfactory services. The low cost of installation of the software will also ensure that CIC minimizes recruitment cost and this is important in maximizing the payoff at the end of the financial year.

The use of a commercial off-the-shelf software product to support our human resource management department is also a very important step that meets strategic plan of CIC. Since it is compatible with the current architecture and system, it will be adopted quickly and allow CIC to leverage its best practices. Because of its highly dependent on mobile computing, it will support globalization of the consultation service of CIC and this will help it expand internationally thus making it viable in the global market. Furthermore, this software package will also be able to satisfy the needs of different customers and increase the reputation of high credibility, reliability, and security of the information of the customers. It is therefore not able to breach the security of the client data thus does not lose its ability to compete for new contracts and retain current clients.

The new IT system is also user-friendly and can also interface with the current manual system and improves recruitment processes. Because it is a simple system it can be improved as the business becomes bigger. Through this, it will help CIC to meet its expansion strategy which is to operate in different states. Furthermore, it will enhance the quality of recruitment services because it can identify consultants that have expected qualification and experience. The new technology has the capacity of enhancing recruiting process. It allows the company to select well-qualified employees that can deliver consultation services that meet the expectation of the customers. Because it is very efficient software, it will ensure that it hire workers quickly and also ensure that CIC makes a job offer to appropriate candidates before it is snatched by the competitors.

Because there are some job applicants who are usually eager to know the status of their application, they can know their status through the use of this new IT system. This new IT software, therefore, has the potential of representing the company well thus increasing its reputation. It, therefore, allows CIC to receive job application from the best candidates thus gets highly qualified employees that can offer best IT consultation services for the customers. Because the IT replaces people who could have involved in the recruitment process, it, therefore, gives the organization personnel sufficient time to execute other responsibilities thus resulting in efficient business operations. With the help, if this new system, CIC workers will not spend their time screening resumes identifying qualified persons to attend the interview. All these processes will be automated by the system thus eliminating the process of interview and another selection process that waste company time and resources. The new system will ensure that every recruitment processes are completed in one place and within a shorter time. Through this, there will be no loss of resumes and applications before evaluation process. The current manual system requires the transportation of resumes from office to office and this increase the chance of loss of some resumes. The solution to these problems is the introduction of a new efficient IT system which automates the process of hiring.

In conclusion, new IT system has a number of benefits and solutions to the problems that CIC is currently facing. The new IT system will increase the efficiency at which CIC offer its selection process by reducing the amount of time that manual system has been taking. It also allows for the selection of a well-qualified staff that understands their roles and responsibilities in the organization. This allows customers to receive high quality IT consultation services which are important in building the company reputation. Notwithstanding, the new system will offer a user-friendly platform that can easily be used to select new staffs and also ensure that there are more consultants in the organization to meet future demands of the company. With the increasing number of consultants in the organization, CIC will have the capacity to serve as many clients as possible at a high quality thus allowing them not to switch to competitors.

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