Art Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-05
Art Essay Example
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Importance of art and culture in society

Art plays a critical role in any contemporary society as it deals with the emotions of people. The society will always have the need to incorporate into the daily activities as lack of it creates an emotionless society. Art is expressed in various forms such as drawing, music, poetry and other social activities. In most cases any gathering between people is associated with an art being performed.

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Art plays a critical role by sparking discussions among various stakeholders. An artistic piece of work is mostly inspired a certain behavior observed by the artist. Once the behavior has been displayed using art, people will start talking about it. A scenario of these conversation will often result into a movement that raises more awareness, this could be the beginning of a revolution that changes the world. Changes in a society are created by enlightenment which occurs by raising concerns bravely and advocating them. Art has proven over time to be the most preferred tool for airing grievances on issues oppressing the people.

Art has an aesthetic value that plays a crucial role in appreciating the environment and the people that surround us. The greatest gifts are often freely available but humanity overlooks them. Artists have an appreciation of nature as they understand its significance, thus they always pursue to spread this message in the best way that they know how, by the use of art. Awareness on the importance and the aesthetic benefits that are brought by nature brings inner peace which translates to harmony within a society.

Art is used to bring into attention some of the issues that are ignored in our societies. Governments and other organisations will tend to ignore sensitive issues in the society that are viewed as obscene, artists however never shy away from these topics. Issues such as abortion, same sex marriage, legalization of drugs and freedom of media are some of the topics. They are sensitive but no one talks about them, and thus art plays its crucial role in exposing them and getting people to talk about them.

Art inspires strength and courage to those that understand it. A picture will inspire courage to a person when he/she looks at it even without knowing the story behind it. The greatest inspiration has always come from the field of art. Liberators and freedom fighters use art such as music and drawings to air their grievance. This is because art sparks a feeling of emotion even to the enemy and thus the course of the movement is achieved.

Art will always remain relevant in the world as it is irreplaceable and no amount of scientific research can take its place. It is an avenue for both the weak the weak and the strong in a society to be equal and to receive an audience in equal measure. The dominance of art in the society will create equality and thus the weak shall have a place where they will be as strong as the formerly powerful individuals.

Art crates happiness to the people that are a fan of it. This is brought about by the development of feelings that trigger happy emotions in the human mind. A person who is in love with the art of poetry will spend hours gazing at the stars as he remembers the beautiful lines of his favorite poem. This brings satisfaction whose boundary cannot be matched by any amount of money or riches.

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