Importance of Beauty - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2020-11-26
Importance of Beauty - Free Essay Sample
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In modern society, beauty has been widely used to define individuals, who they are, what they consider most or tend to care about, and lastly what they do. However, beauty is used in a wider perspective to tell the inner self of a person. Different people characterize the individuals they meet on the way by how they present themselves on the outward view. However, since the society is made up of people living in it, then it is explained by their beauty. As a result, women who are mostly characterized with beauty have realized the importance of honoring some physical attributes that portray beauty. Though the attributes vary from one culture to another, most of them are common in some societies. First, looking fit is related to a good health and the ability to control oneself from both external and internal pressure. Second, looking relaxed portrays a moderate society through individuals who have control of themselves. Moreover, society appreciates good values and virtues. Looking young is related to fertility which is valued in almost all communities. However, there are some things that individuals relate to beauty. On the other hand, there are some aspects that go against the expectations of beauty. For instance, fat rolls, wrinkles and even grey hair counter the aspects of beauty and bring ones that the society is trying to avoid. On the other hand, research shows that women honor beauty not because they want to please men or any other person but because they are required of that by the society. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the importance of beauty by considering readings from different books as well as how different analysts have to say of it.

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In the blood chamber a young girl undergoes challenges due to her beauty (Carter 7-41). She is enticed by her own look and accepts to enter in a marriage. Unknowingly, the beast intends to kill her like he has been doing to other women. The story sets us to understand the violence women are facing in the society. Moreover, it shows acts of objectification where a woman is used by a man. In a moderate society, women are required to be like a star. They are supposed to be treated with respect and honor since they reveal the beauty of the society. However, in the book it is like beauty forms a way for the suffering of women. In addition, the heroine realizes that she is entitled to be killed. She then starts acting in ways that will prevent her from being killed. The woman in this case realizes that she is the key to Marquiss chamber where her death waits. As a result, she gains knowledge that helps her stay far from death. Furthermore, the blood chamber is characterized by change that women face as they try to survive in the dynamic world. The chamber can be related to the man. Therefore, men play a big role in determining the living styles of most women. It thus important to note that women are ready to reveal themselves to the society, they dont have the spirit of self-denial. Men who are categorized with a beast stay hidden from the society irrespective of them having wealth. It is clearly shown that beauty gives women confident to go through the hardship they encounter each day in the society.

In addition, beauty is used as a way of enticing individuals of the opposite sex. It is a weapon that most women use when they want to get something and even when they want to be taken somewhere. However, the controversy leaves people wondering if its men who are cruel or it is women who deserve how men are treating them. In the The Lady of the House of Love, Countess uses her beauty to lure Ghost who lives with her irrespective of her living a reckless life (Carter 93-108). She wears old cloths which belonged to her mother. On the other hand, she lives among the caged Lark where she enjoys it song, she likes to hear it announce how it cannot escape. The same applies to countess who thinks she cannot escape from living with the Ghost. On the contrary, it is one of her plan to get Ghosts attention. In The Company of wolves, Little Red Cap uses also uses her beauty to lure men (Carter 110-118). The wolves can be related to woman who does anything just to ensure she gets what she targets. Wolves never allow anyone to move close to the territory they secure; they kill anything that enters the forest. In addition, wolves are inhuman; they do not have the capacity to reason. In the case of women, they act according to the situation they are in and what they want to achieve. Problem lies to men as they are taken over by the physical look (Lorand 12). However, killing them seems easy just like a traveler who trembles on wolves territory.

Some other research has been done in the entire world to help realize the importance of beauty. Analyst have used object to study how people react towards different objects considering the beauty of the object. For instance, one study in Japan that involves teller machine was used. Result shows that people tend to use the machine that looks more beautiful and new than the old one. Both machines are serving the same purpose but people go for the one that looks beautiful compared to the other. The same perspective takes place with people. For instance, most jobs in the world are given depending on how beautiful one is. Some people are suffering rejection and other prejudice due to their physical look.

Moreover, theorists have their own way of seeing things and analyzing them. For instance, they try to explain why people tend to hate or even love things that they encounter every day. However, they conclude that beautiful things make one have self-confidence. In addition, they help one feel happy and above all they help in reducing stress (Ludy 20). Ones emotion determines the ability to work out given tasks and also it changes the perception of a person towards certain things. Therefore, with good emotions towards something one can easily change the notion he/she has on people, machine and other tools. Beautiful things are easy to apply and use under all circumstances. Moreover, they give individuals the courage to continue with any form of task. Most theorists assume that the reason why most employers prefer beautiful people even with less skills that ugly employees. Ugly things or people will increase once stress, annoy the owner of a business and even make each and every task look harder. The same applies to designers; people follow some designers like Dyson vacuum because of its look but not due to its effectiveness or even proficiency in working things out (Beauty Shines from within 2).

However, beauty can be emulated in different ways. Therefore, though women are seen as objects that emulate beauty, other things like music can sustain an individual emotionally. In some cases, a person tends to feel comfortable and relaxed after listening to a beautiful song. It all depends with the angle that one uses to evaluate beauty. It thus clear that beauty can be addressed not only in visual mattes but also it can take audio form. Some analyst advice people on issues of adding beauty to the things we find along our lives. Beauty is essential as happiness is concerned (Mancoff & Lindsay 33). Therefore, for a better and healthy living one need to emulate all aspects that adds beauty to both people and other objects that are at our reach.

In addition, beauty has become a necessity in all areas of life. Without beauty then people and objects that surround the environment are useless. For instance, when building a house it requires all the incorporation of all features that fulfill our emotion desire. There are many buildings that are constructed and yet they are vacant. It is because people want to feel relaxed; they want to live in a building that portrays beauty through all aspects. People need to be satisfied by beauty spiritually, physically, and even emotionally. In addition, peoples actions can be changed by beauty. For instance, a person will definitely act according to the environment or the objects that surrounds him/her (Dian 44). A beautiful environment will attract patience, and in most cases individuals will tend to remove any distraction that may come along. On the contrary, people tend to add filth where they find one. Moreover, people disrespect disorganized places; rather than eliminating distractive objects they add more destruction. Beauty transforms individuals with bad morals and behaviors to more descent and organized individuals. Research shows that one can transform a lost society in terms of morals by imposing beauty in it. Beauty changes hatred to love, peace and harmony. It also motivates acts of innovation and creativity. People living around beauty will always find new ways of improving themselves rather than indulging in sinful activities (Karen 24). On the contrary, people living in poorly organized society will tend to adapt to wrong acts such as robbery since no one is there to provide light.

In conclusion, beauty can be referred to as the base of everything in the world. However, women emulate beauty in the society. Therefore, they should have aspects such as fitness and young to ensure they attract all people. However, they should ensure all aspects that go against beauty are released from the society. In addition, beauty has been used in various ways. For instance, Countess and Little Red Cap use their beauty to lure men with the intention of getting their targets. Beauty can also be addressed in other matters relating to objects. Research shows that people tend to go for objects that seem beautiful irrespective of them being inefficient. Beauty is a starting point for change. People change when they encounter any beautiful people, objects and even places. It thus important to note that beauty is everything in the modern world.

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