Essay Sample on Current Global Political Issues

Published: 2022-12-16
Essay Sample on Current Global Political Issues
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Human trafficking is correlated with the global political system. Political instability is a major driver of human trafficking. In Europe, the main driver of political instability and subsequent human trafficking has been the collapse of the Soviet Union. The market economy that emerged coupled with the change in political changes resulted in economic crisis and stagnation, mass unemployment, and the collapse of social and welfare services. Moreover, the open borders policies that followed led to mass migration. Traffickers then target those exploring migrations. In Romania, the former communist regime had imposed tight emigration restrictions on its citizens, and its collapse led to an impressive outflow of people. The Institute for Security Studies (ISS), notes that in Africa, governance is weak or non-existent, borders are penetrable, and individuals hold several identities, and this explains why criminals and migrants can flourish in regions with no order and the rule of law (Allison, 2014). In Nigeria, though having a strong government, the hard economic time are forcing people to look for channels to move to Europe for economic opportunities. The movement has become increasingly dangerous and prone to exploitation. It is clear from these examples that human trafficking is part of a wider global political system.

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In the United States, the response has mainly encompassed on finding victims and offering assistance. The assistance includes offering safety and support and continuing to stay in the US. The victim, on the other hand, should contribute testimony in the criminal case as a precondition to their original and ongoing status as victims. However, Roby, Turley, and Cloward, (2008) argue that there is "insufficient preparation by law enforcement to deal with human trafficking". They argue that victims surrender themselves only to face more risk. Moreover, if their case is resolved to be that of illegal immigration, they are prone to deportation.

The UN Assembly in its past effort to combat trafficking recognized the "political declaration on the implementation of the United Nations Global Plan of Action to Combat Trafficking in Persons." Member states reaffirmed their commitment to fighting human trafficking. In particular, they decided to address the social, political, economic, and cultural factors that increased susceptibility to trafficking. The response by the UN in asking the members to commit is well-informed. However, developing nations such as Eritrea depend on poverty to maintain the authoritarian government. The government is usually in charge of food programs and subsidies. That is, most governments have no interest in keeping people from moving away. Beside hard economic times, most governments are riddled with corruption which has aggravated inequality and unemployment. The UN should bring forward more stringent measures in combatting trafficking such as sanctions on nations whose population are trafficked most.

The global fight against trafficking is challenged by poor communication and exchange of data (Allison, 2014). Significant gaps exist in knowledge and governments cooperation in fighting human trafficking. Government to government is challenged by poor or uncertainty in what information to share and what to keep. The NGO s spearheading the fight in trafficking in foreign countries are treated with a lot of suspicion and unwillingness by government officials to share information concerning migration and emigration. In cases where the government's official have been found culpable of participating in trafficking by way of accepting bribes, the response has been to deny and ignore the reports. The government's cooperation has failed in combatting trafficking.


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