Creation of an Enabling Environment - Free Essay on Inclusion and Diversity

Published: 2022-03-01
Creation of an Enabling Environment - Free Essay on Inclusion and Diversity
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Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to every organization that wants to thrive in the competitive environment and to has an advantage over other businesses. Diversity cannot be successful without inclusion hence today's managers have a great task to ensure that integration is earnest in the organization alongside diversity. With this, managers must ensure that an enabling business environment is created in the organization to enable it to achieve its intended objectives. If managers provide that diversity is integrated into their organizations, a good organization culture will be created alongside other practices that are centered at recognizing values and difference among the organization workforce and individuals.

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Diversity is the collective mixture of similarity and differences that comprise organization and individual traits, beliefs, norms, values, background, and experiences. While inclusion, though firmly attached and related, is a separate concept from diversity. It is the attainment of a workplace in which every employee and members of the organization are treated equally and fairly beside being respected and can contribute resources entirely to the organization's success. It is essential for the managers to understand these two concepts since to some extent they differ. Many managers have in most cases given priority to diversity while neglecting inclusion which has led to unexpected outcomes that have undermined the totality of diversity and inclusion efforts.

Accepting and recognizing the difference that exists in the organization including nationality, gender, religion and race, a good working environment will be created, and the organization will be at a better level of continuance for the foreseeable future. An enabling environment fosters the characteristics that managers want employees to display in the organization. Managers that are ignorant about recognition of diversity may cause the organization to collapse and also experience dismal results since employees, and the stakeholders of the organization will not work towards one direction.

Creation of an enabling environment is not a mere task to managers since it involves the inclusion of everyone attached to the organization from managers to customers and even those who have a stake in the organization. It is challenging issue because of frequent change in generation, cultural evolution, advanced technology and advanced market trends and technology, making the managers think beyond the boundary for them to create cohesion in the organization. It is this challenges that have created a workplace diversity making it be a recent management headache among many agencies and institutions.

Managers should, therefore, seek to create a more comprehensive cohesive working environment as a way of driving continued existence and growth of the organization. Creation of an enabling environment has got the impact to the organization employees and stakeholders. A good working environment that is accompanied by recognition of diversity and inclusion will no doubt make employees of the organization to work together towards goal attainment. Moreover, the stakeholders will have confidence in the organization as timely output, and the different target will be achieved making them experience good returns from the organization.

Furthermore, an enabling environment that understands the needs of employees and stakeholders will make them feel proud, and value which will have a significant impact on many employees and stakeholders will be retained in the origination. On the other hand, there are enormous negative consequences if managers ignore creating an enabling environment in the organization which includes the closure of the body and many employees losing their jobs. In summary, creating an enabling environment that observes diversity and inclusion should be a top management priority of every organization for it to continue in existence for the foreseeable future.

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