The Truman Show - Movie Review Example

Published: 2022-04-14
The Truman Show - Movie Review Example
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The Truman Show is a great movie developed in the year 1998. It starred Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank and was directed by Peter Weir. It is about an unsuspecting man who is also the star of a show that happens to be about his life. He is unaware of everything that is happening such as the fact that his world is based on a TV production set and everyone around him is an actor from Hollywood. There are cameras all around him that depict all of his actions and broadcast it to the world in the form of the Truman show. He is the first person that was adopted by a corporation and has lived all his life as an unsuspecting star in the show. Christof is the executive producer of the show who runs all it. He is the television visionary and the creator of the show responsible for everything about the life of Truman. However, Truman is a kind-hearted person who loves his life and his family. However, his life is shattered after realizing that the truth about the fact that his life is a show and not a reality. He is in fact trapped in prison and controlled by the corporation that adopted him to use him as the star of the Truman show. Finding out that everything in his life is a lie almost makes Truman lose his mind. He is an adult and has been used by the corporations to make money and has not had a real life. He begins to experiences various different things especially when continues to discover the extent to which his life is a lie. One major factor of the movie is the character Truman and how he managed to stay true to his character. His character is well played out by Jim Carrey who manages to mix comedy and drama to depict the various themes of deceit and corporate exploitation.

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Truman was among six unwanted pregnancies. He was born and adopted by the cooperation that ran the show. Jim Carrey took over the character and used to develop himself as a dramatic comedy actor rather than the typical typecast given to actors in comedy roles.

Truman's acting is great with depictions of paranoia and disillusion after knowing that his life was a lie. Jim Carrey mixes comedy with drama and uses his reactions to create comedy for the film that is fun to watch. Truman helps people explore the aspect of a dream and reality. He has lived all his life in the show knowing that it is real life yet everything is fake. He gets a reality check after realizing that he was living under a microscope with millions of people watching him.

The character of Truman was an effect to the extent that it brought about the term the Truman syndrome which is a form of delusion people suffer when they start to believe that their lives are unreal and are living in somewhat a dream. It is based on the feeling of being watched by cameras, and it is about how Truman felt after finding out that he was living a lie. Truman was, therefore, a great character in the film that was effective in the depiction of an unreal life. He manages to mix comedy and drama, and this was effective in bringing out the true reactions of a person who finds out that he is living a lie.

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