The Processes of Globalization - Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-28
The Processes of Globalization - Essay Example
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Bradley (2017) stated that researchers are combining efforts to define globalization and identify its significance in the diversity context. It is vital to recognize the nature of involvement and association of the global market with cultural diversity, the transmission of mutual information across the world, fairness in the exchange of products and services, and division and circulation of financial resources. Globalization has established new opportunities to inter and intracultural boundaries during the invention of new products, team building, and participating in business activities. It has transformed politics, economics, society, and significantly affecting demographics in the places of work. Global and multi-cultural employees signify a new way of defining diversity and inclusion practices (Syed and Ozbilgin, 2019). For various organizations, thinking about global diversity must encompass the knowledge of the distinction between nations and also the internal differences of every country. The range should be global, and also it is essential to understand the communication of the commercial situation for diversity and inclusion efforts.

The processes of globalization started at the emergence of the modern period due to the development of colonial empires like France, Spain, and England. Also, globalization began after the growth of international business networks that are governed by the military or political powers. Additionally, globalization occurred after new markets were opened in peripheral locations and due to the extraction of raw materials used for several roles like industrialization. The establishment of telegraph, trains, and steamboats in the 19th century enabled the globalization pattern (Corneliu et al., 2017). Afterward, new telecommunication systems such as television, the radio, and telephones were invented, leading to a more unified world. Recently, due to technological improvements including satellite communications, facsimile transmission, and computers, notable modifications have taken place in the spread of socio-economics. One of the main changes caused by globalization is the movement of people because there is improved availability, volume, and speed of transportation, especially through airplanes. Large numbers of people are transported to over thousands of kilometers. Additionally, transportation through train, bus, or other automobiles is now more rapid, available, and flexible; thereby, enhancing the distance covered by individuals throughout their lives. Due to these changes, diversity has increased in almost all countries in the world. Various countries receive millions of people for different purposes, and business activities are undertaken more efficiently and frequently through physical contact due to the easy mode of transportation. Movement of people is a significant factor of globalization as people from various countries can meet, exchange money, purchase goods, and influence or be influenced by other individual's cultures.

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Maximum Diversity Aspects

A maximum diversity society is often characterized by population comprised of different races, ethnicities, and nationalities either living or working together as a community. People celebrate, share art, language, behaviors, and traditions. Multiculturalism is the maximum form of diversity in the society that involves giving explicit recognition and accepting the values and experiences of others from oneself. The cultural aspects as well as the contributions of a particular group in the society, specifically the minorities matter in a maximum diverse society.

A maximum diverse society is often characterized by people of a different race, ethnicity, or nationality both living side-by-side in the same community. The effect of multiculturalism spreads across the community into the workplace, schools, and politics. In the school setup, curriculums are developed to acknowledge the importance of cultural diversity. However, it might sometimes be condemned as a way of promoting political correctness, schools in a multicultural system often emphasizes the qualities of the traditions of minorities in a classroom. A study conducted by Bradley (2017) indicated that millennials are the most diverse individuals in American society.

Two theories play a vital role in describing maximum diversity in society. Different cultures are differently integrated into one society, which is best defined by the theories of the melting pot and salad bowl.

The Salad Bowl Theory

The salad bowl is a metaphor often used to describe a way in which heterogeneous societies coexist, however, they maintain specific aspects of their culture. Just like the ingredients of the salad, it involves different cultures living together and blending as a homogeneous society while the different components in the bowl retain their flavors. In this model, different cultures are brought together, however, they do not develop into a homogeneous culture, and they maintain the different aspects. The modern American culture comprises of a society with many people with “pure” cultures incorporated into the new mixture. Compared to the melting pot theory, this theory is unique because individuals in society maintain their exceptional identities that might be lost through the assimilation of different cultures. The primary advantage of the salad bowl theory is that the resident culture recognizes the cultural diversities in a multicultural society. Each member of the society significantly contributes to the overall ethnic group, hence, outdoing the predominant ascendance of the prevailing culture. Existent of cultures side-by-side removes the pressure of developing a homogenous culture since they are not represented equally because of their composition.

The Salad Bowl theory promotes an integrative culture since the ingredients of the heterogeneous culture salad can be added to the dominant culture while leaving some, hence, increasing the influence based on the needs. Therefore, the salad bowl metaphor allows selective incorporation of the various ethnic groups and the need to assimilate in the dominant culture. This theory emphasizes the importance of maintaining cultural heritage as not giving up to be regarded as the dominant society.

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