Essay Sample on Claire's Treatment Plan and Referral Services

Published: 2023-04-02
Essay Sample on Claire's Treatment Plan and Referral Services
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In Claire's case, it is clear that she is serving her time in jail for having been arrested for shoplifting. Besides, she has bipolar disorder, does not take her medication anymore, lacks a high school diploma, got fired from her job, and she wants to get counseling only that she cannot afford it. Lastly, when released from jail, she will have no place to live. In this paper, the best options and a comprehensive plan for Claire when still serving her jail term, as well as after she gets released, have been discussed.

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Treatment Plan and Referral Services

Claire has bipolar disorder and has been on medications to help her control their mood swings. A bipolar disorder is a recurring chronic disorder that is mainly characterized by energy and mood state fluctuations ( Grunze, 2015). Of all the medications given to Claire, it seems that none have been effective, and she claims that she no longer wants them since they make her gain weight and that she also does not like how she feels after taking them. However, she shows interest in wanting to talk to a counselor; considering this, my recommendation is that Claire should see a counselor two to three times a week, and each session should take an hour. By doing this, Claire will have an outlet where she will be able to share her problems with someone without being judged, following her release from jail, she needs to have ongoing sessions with the counselor.

Seeking and getting counseling services will help Claire in dealing with her attitudes. Another recommendation is that it is essential for her also to seek anger management classes while still in jail. These classes will help her learn proper ways of managing and coping with anger and other emotional changes she might go through when her moods get out of control. As for medications, they will be the last resort to help her deal with her mood swings and control the bipolar disorder.

Claire lacks a high school diploma but has shown interest in obtaining her GED. As she serves her time in jail, Claire can study as she wishes and tries getting her GED while still in jail. There is no specific time limit for her on when to finish her GED test or even the hours she needs to study so long as she can manage her time well and continue with the other ongoing treatments she gets while still in jail. If she fails to get her GED while still in jail, she will still be able to get some proper resources that help get the GED.

Another issue facing Claire is that she will have no place to live once she gets released from jail since her sister has already told her not to come back at her place. My recommendation is that she tries talking to her sister about considering giving her a chance. If Claire does not have any job and the sister keeps on insisting that she cannot stay with her after her release, I can be sure to offer a list of some resources that can at least help with the housing. Although it may not be the best place to live, she will at least have somewhere to stay before she can get employment and get back on her feet.

For her to keep getting counseling services, I would recommend that she tries applying for Medicaid. Medicaid gives healthcare to all children whose parents lack employer-sponsored health insurance and also lack the resources and the income to purchase health insurance or pay medical bills ( McGinnis, & Small, 2012). Medicaid will give Claire the time required to deal with her mental health, anger, and mood management, and get the needed medications until the time she gets better insurance coverage from her employer.


Claire has gone through various hard times, and she has not had the opportunity of talking to someone about the emotions she had nor consult with about the sickness she had; the bipolar disorder. Her anger issues, as well as time management, are some of the things which made her lose her job. If Claire follows the given treatment plan, she will be able to deal with most of the issues she is going through in her life and even get a higher education, which can, in turn, help her pursue college education in the future. Although it will take her time, she will have the necessary resources to help her put her life in order.


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