Google Corporate Strategy - Essay Example

Published: 2017-10-30
Google Corporate Strategy - Essay Example
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Question 1

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Google’s corporate strategy is to integrate more closely software as well as hardware development in not only the tablet market but also in the smartphone market. Google need to control such an experience from end to end. That is, to control the hardware platform as well as the operating system platform. To do this, Google has to acquire other companies which own patents relevant for Google’s areas of focus. Through the acquisition of Motorola, Google was in a position to enter into mobile internet use. Google strategy is also to enter into the home business by first working together with cable and telco companies and later through internet protocol. Enhancing of management and capabilities was also Google’s strategy. Google had to adopt a unique management system especially in hiring policy, decentralization, and promotion of creativity and innovation.

Question 2

Google’s diversification into new products and business was primarily responsible for its success. Having their browser, Chrome, Google is able it to build a stronger open source search engine which could be customized to suit the company’s goal. Statistics show that Google Chrome is ranked the second most used internet browser after Mozilla (Tripp). This implies Google can further reach out to many people through its own internet browser. Unlike other companies which produced both handsets and operating systems, Google came up with an open source software, Android. That means any phone manufacturer who is focused on the production of handsets can adopt Android software in their smartphones. They do not necessarily have to invest in software development. As a result, Google Android powers millions of smartphones in the world and through this platform Google has managed to advance its business interests. Google acquisition of mobile devices gave it an edge in capitalizing of convergence of home environment and cell phones. Through the acquisition, Google got the ability to enter into the home business segment.

Question 3

Google need to refocus. Growing larger and larger without paying close attention to certain business segments may cost the company eventually. Google need to abandon going into the production of smartphones. It should also stop its foray into the social networking and drop its energy and focus in Google+ social network. Despite that it has been successful in some countries, overall the performance cannot rival Facebook and Twitter. Google need to focus more on advertising since it is facing threats from Facebook. It should come up with innovative means of for advertising in its core business of search engine.

Works cited

Tripp, Nicole. Internet Browser Software Reviews. Top Ten Reviews, 2016, web.

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