Paper Example. Computer Crimes: Viewing the Future

Published: 2023-11-15
Paper Example. Computer Crimes: Viewing the Future
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According to Infosec Resources (2019), computer forensic investigation underscores the investigation on the data taken from computer storage devices or hard discs with strict adherence to the standard policies and procedures in the determination of a compromised devise by unauthorized access. In cases of computer-related crimes in a company. The three most important people that a forensic investigator must interview to secure evidence include the IT security team, representatives from the human resource, and the security team. Some of the questions that they should be asked concerning the hi-tech crimes underlie the tool that was used to commit the crime, if the perpetrator breached someone’s rights by email or harassment, the nature of the crime whether simple or complex and the type of crime that was committed whether theft or vandalism.

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As per Find Law (2019), some of the significant computer-related crimes juxtapose phishing scams, hacking, ransomware, computer viruses, fraud, and identity theft. According to the US Department of Justice (2014), the types of shreds of evidence to initially looking for in such crimes encompass the network configurations, email addresses, identification of remote storage locations, DNA analysis, fingerprints spreadsheets, databases, databases, system logs among others. According to Fox Business (2016), with the rise of the internet of things, broad commercial market, online black-market maturation, and smart devices, computer-related crimes are likely to increase in twenty years. Through intense human malware, cyber jacking, extortion, and assault, brick attacks, and identity theft squared, among others.

According to infosec Resources (2019), a forensic interview process can be improved by incorporating different agencies in vast regions. The participants and facilitators should be well trained and reinforce methodologies aimed at providing support and solving problems. Finally, the forensic interviewers need to remain current with the dynamic technology and design at strengthening their skills on the new developments ion the field to enhance quality. Finally, there should be the introduction of other forensics readiness concepts through minimization of costs during the response of an incidence and maximizing the ability to collect credible digital evidence.


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