Is Architecture Art or Science, Get the Answer in Our Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-24
Is Architecture Art or Science, Get the Answer in Our Essay Example
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Architecture is a process of designing and construction of buildings or structures creatively and uniquely. Art is defined as an application of human skills to produce creative work that can be appreciated for their beauty and Science is a discipline of learning that deals with the measurable principles. In the definition stated it shows that architecture involves both science and art.

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Architecture has an integration of art and science as it applies both in the designing of buildings and their surroundings. Application of the balanced art and science in architecture is important in producing best work (Moore, 1965). As we see in an example of media, which is public art. The media has to be planned and carried out in a way that looks real to the public. The definition of architecture meets these actions. The public interacts with architecture, as they are affected both emotionally and practically by how buildings appear in the context and the interior environment.

Architects carrying out research apply the scientific methods in developing some concepts on myriad stages that are required to create a building. These involve levels that involve understanding the surrounding context from style, environment, and the infrastructure perspective (Ashby & Johnson, 2013). Architects determine programs required by users such as structure and interior products using science.

Linear Thinking and Lateral Thinking

The arrangement between art and science engage discipline in both the lateral and the linear thinking processes. In lateral thinking, it utilizes relationship and put together ideas across a range of things to come up with something creative and imaginative. In linear thought, systematic processes are used in analyzing ideas that will lead to a specific result (Vance, et al., 2008)

To illustrate architecture as art and science using the lateral and linear thinking, we need to use an example. I will use the main entrance to the school that was designed by a friend. I learned that the two processes occur one after the other and alternatively. Lateral thinking come upon an idea that the main school entrance shall be considered as an imaginary main street that will allow students and teachers to honor learning as a community activity. The bricks used in walls of the outer part of the building are represented inside as the exterior light fittings. There is a two-story room space that is accessed by a natural light that comes through skylights and runs entire corridor. Metals with ornaments are used in the balconies on the second floor of the building to resemble the city's main street. In this work, the linear thinking was utilized.

The architect involves the process of interrogating the stakeholders of the and the school management to determine whether the hall was needed at the school entrance. There was a need to circulate the hall from the main classrooms so that the classes could be disturbed by the noise from the hall during school hours. From the process above, all the rooms were arranged in their appropriate areas. The architect put up detailed drawings to show the structure, design, finishes, and lighting. From the drawings, the budget is developed and the design ideas tested to see it is practical. The linear process continues to determine the grand scale of the necessary items required for the incorporation of the main street area. In the process, the cost-efficient budget was constructed that can deliver the whole project without additional funding.

The school management gives applaud to the design of the building. The students were overwhelmed by the design of the main corridor, which was named the 'main street.' The hall entrance had proper lighting from the transparent glass ceilings that allow natural light to come in. The hall had good spacing, proper lighting, best ventilation and the best design. The structure gave a school a new name, "breathtaking" due to its best design and structure. In general, architecture employs science and art in carrying out the task. In Australia, the government gives ratings to the structures based on the impacts that they have on the environment. The aim is to promote sustainability through intelligent architecture (McNamara, & Goad, 2006). To achieve this science art is employed alternatively and simultaneously.

As illustrated above, the balanced integration of science and artwork helps in creating beautiful architecture by utilizing linear and lateral thinking. This is the reason why the study of architecture is wide, integrative and complex. Lateral and linear thinking, art, and science are pulled together by architecture to bring out skillful designs and structures.


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