Free Essay Example: Material Selection for Cladding

Published: 2022-04-01
Free Essay Example: Material Selection for Cladding
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A. Pending on Material Selection for Cladding

The primary challenge we currently face is the possibility of changing the material used for cladding. The reason for this is that the original plan to use Alucobond aluminum composite panel (ACP) involved panel testing required by SCDF (Singapore Civil Defense Force), which would increase the project's cost by approximately SGD1.6 million and possible delay the entire project schedule by 6 to 8 eight weeks due to required overseas testing. According to the project milestones, we are currently stuck at the stage of documentation and pricing, so the quantity surveyor cannot do much on the evaluation and negotiation of facade contractor M/s Keyon Construction's proposal. Looking for other alternatives for our cladding instead of ACP is the critical issue at this moment.

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After gathering information and recommendation from SCDF, TUV SUD, architect and facade contractor, solid panels could be one of the alternatives for our new cladding. The main reason being solid panels are non-combustible, have good project reference, and commonly installed in many commercial and industrial buildings in Singapore. We are currently exploring and site-viewing solid panels that have already been installed in other buildings, and we will provide an update as soon as possible.

D. Rubber Tiles @ Level 2

We have discovered about sixty pieces of rubber tiles (NORA brand) located at level 2 west wing corridor which was found to be defective. We have checked and found that the defective rubber tile was popping out due to the cement floor surface already damaged and the layer of cement coating already gave way, and which made the rubber tiles unable to glue back to the floor. The popping out of rubber tiles might be a risk to the passers-by who may trip and fall. Due to safety reason and image reputation of GC building. We engaged the specialist contractor to carry out the repair work by filling up the top surface of the flooring with a layer self-leveling screed, wait till they dry up before the can install onto the floor. The contractor also cleans up the existing defective rubber tile and install the installed them back to the floor. The process of repair work starting from Friday night (2/2) and complete by Sunday evening (4/2).

E. Air Con System

Tenant #02-28/29 gave feedback that the air condition temperature in their Manager's office is too warm. After a detailed study of the actual situation, we discovered after both merging of tenant office #02-28/29 and #02-101 the temperature in the office was affected because the existing air con fan coil that supplies the cool air is unable to cover the biggest area. Hence, we have found a permanent solution to this problem which includes installing and connecting the additional flexible air condition duct from the common corridor into office #02-101. The works have been carried out and it improved the room temperature in the office. The situation is currently being monitored.

F. Exhaust Fan @ Level 4 & 2

We discovered that the exhaust air fan at level 2 and 4 centers in the male toilet did not do not function properly. After checking, we discovered that both exhaust fans were damaged therefore causing a short circuit. We engaged the service of an electrical specialist to repair the air conditions. After system testing and commissioning, the system was back to normal.

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