Free Essay Dedicated to the Charles Manson Family

Published: 2022-04-06
Free Essay Dedicated to the Charles Manson Family
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Charles Manson was a known criminal and a cult leader. He was a leader of Manson family, which he formed in the late 1960s. Manson's family members committed series of crimes at four different locations in August 1969 that claimed nine lives. Charles Manson was later convicted of first-degree murder, which was committed under his instruction by the members of his family. Charles Manson started as a petty criminal in his early life, who was unlikely to get into the personification of the evil.

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Charles Manson was born in 1934 in Ohio. His mother Kathleen Maddox was found guilty of robbery at gunpoint, and she was jailed when Manson was only six years. Manson had to live with her mother's family members. As mansion grows, he lived with one of his uncle who committed suicide while taking care of Charles. When Kathleen was released from prison, she did not want to live with Manson anymore. Charles feeling rejected decided to settle into a life of crime. At his teenage age, he spent time in and out of reform schools as well as stealing cars.

A differential association is a theory that proposes that individuals learn values, attitudes, and criminal motives behaviors through living with others. This theory explains how individuals learn to become criminals but cannot show the interest why they commit crimes. Manson's criminal life is explained using the differential association theory. Manson started living with individuals who were involved in crime at a tender age.

Kathleen her mother gave birth to him illegitimately when she was 16 years. She was a criminal herself. She spent the better part of her life in and out of prison leaving him without proper care and a good role model. Manson's grandmother was too religious which he ended up rebelling her. His uncle committed suicide, and the other uncle dressed him like a female, which causes Manson to rebel and feels rejected. When he was grown, he spent his life in jail. From jail, he received bad influences from criminals. After getting out of jail, Manson exercised criminal activities, which it escalated to cults and murders. This all activities were associated with bad influences surrounding Manson's life.

A general theory of crime often referred to as self-control theory of crime states that lack self-control behind criminal activities adopted by an individual. The theory suggests that individuals who were not parented properly before the age of ten will develop less self-control than the individuals who had good parenting at the same age. Research shows that low level of self-control is directly related to criminal behavior.

Kathleen Maddox, Manson's mother, was sent to prison when he was at the age of six. It is evident that Manson's did not give her proper parenting. She left Manson with her relatives at a tender age. Kathleen Maddox relatives were very irresponsible. The grandmother was too religious, and she gave little attention Mason as a young child. His uncle dressed him like a female, a scenario that did not go well with Charles Manson. Manson's uncle committed suicide while still living with him. All these events ended up discouraging Charles making him develop low self-control, which aided to entering a crime life at a very young. He committed crimes without fear or care, to show that he had no self-control over his actions.

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