Essay Sample. Bank Cards and Account Numbers

Published: 2023-12-03
Essay Sample. Bank Cards and Account Numbers
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Any attempt to unlawfully access private information on credit cards and any other electronic documents is under this law regarded as a criminal activity. Using a credit card and forgery to get money is punishable. (UAE)

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Any offender for these crimes receives a penalty of not less than six months in prison, or the criminal can be fined AED 200,000 - AED 1,000,000.

Any person who accepts a forged payment through a credit card knowingly will face criminal charges and receive a fine not exceeding AED 500,000

Persons who obtain any private and confidential number or password to get access into a site electronically without authorization is subjected to imprisonment or are fined not less than AED 200,000 (UAE)

2 (Federal Law No. 1 of 2006) ('E-Commerce Law')

Computer fraud and abuse


This act concerns online commerce, which is an amendment from there 1996 e-commerce law. The purpose of the law is to minimize losses for those who partake online businesses by addressing online theft, fraud, and other electronic transactions.

A person convicted with such a crime due to accessing and disclosing information without prior authorization is subjected to not less than six months imprisonment or fined AED 20,000 - AED 200,000. (UAE)

3 (Federal Decree-Law No. 3 of 2003)

Data protection and security Telecommunications

This amendment provides telecommunications law, which concerns various cyber-crimes such as pirating content without the authorization of the owner, copying private conversations or messages, and revealing them to the public without the consent of the third party, and intercepting communications without authorization.

A person who faces these charges will receive a jail term sentence of not more than one year and fined between 50000 to 1 million AED.

Second-time criminals may receive a double penalty.

4 (The 2010 Convention Data protection and security Principles of terrorist)

The convention regulates the dissemination of ideas and principles of terrorist groups through cyber across all the 22 Arab states. (UAE) There are no specific charges for offenders since its scope is limited to offenses with a purely transnational element.

5 (Law's Model Law on Electronic Commerce)

Data protection and security Online communication

This model law regulates online communications by ensuring that the information used is reliable and authentic. This model protects the rights of individuals who use e-commerce to mitigate forgery and fraud. (UAE)

Individuals who disclose data through electronic media without prior consent can be subjected to a jail term of not less than six months and find 20000 to 200000 AED, while those persons who try to use electronic information to violate UAE federal laws will be subjected to a jail term, not more than six months and a fine of 100, 000 AUD

6 (Federal Law No. 5 of 2012)

Data Privacy Spam messages.

Concerning electronic communication, federal law protects the privacy and integrity of users of such communications through prohibiting spam messages. (UAE)

Any person who spams emails or any channels of communications without the consent of the user to disrupt communications will be punishable with a fine of Between AED 150,000 and 500,000. (UAE)

7 (Federal Law No. 2 of 2019) ('The Health Data Law') (UAE)

Data Privacy The named federal law ensures the privacy of medical data provided for medical reasons to healthcare persons. Persons who do not observe the federal law on health by causing alliterations to medical records or deletions in that matter, or amending without consent are punishable by license withdrawal, and a fine not less than 10000 under more than 1 million AED (UAE)


UAE. Cyber laws.

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