Free Essay: Data Recovery from the Corrupted Computer

Published: 2019-08-30
Free Essay: Data Recovery from the Corrupted Computer
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From time to time windows system files and users files become corrupt. When a file is corrupt, it is not able to work as it is was supposed. In most cases files are corrupted during the process of saving, two major factors that are responsible for this include the failure of the program that is saving the file and the loss of power during the process of saving the file. It is possible to fix a corrupted file but in Ben's case this failed.

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Requirements for data recovery from the corrupted computer

The computer should have a DVD or CD that it can boot into, if the computer does not have this you will have to create a bootable USB stick

Linux CD(In this case I will use an Ubuntu Live CD)

An external hard disk where the recovered data will be transferred


Start the computer and use the appropriate option for entering the BIOS setup (options for entering the BIOS setup varies from one computer to another, but they are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen after powering on)

After entering the BIOS setup, set the First Boot Device you want to use in this case the DVD was selected (during this step you can select the USB drive if its the one you are using)

The DVD was put into the drive, and the computer restarted so that it could now boot from the DVD

Select the appropriate language and press ENTER, in the following screen select Try Ubuntu without making any change to your computer. After this step, the computer will boot from the DVD.

After the computer has completed booting navigate to My Computer and then select the folder that has the data and paste it on a different partition. (In this case, the data was copied to the external hard disk). After the process is complete shut down the computer.

Installing a new Operating System

Place the CD/DVD that has the Windows XP into the appropriate drive (Microsoft, 2016).

Set the computer to boot from the CD/DVD as shown in step (ii) above, in this case, it was already set

Read Microsofts Term of Use and then press F8

Follow the instructions and select the appropriate partition where you want the Operating System to be installed.

Craigs Case

Questions that I will as Craig

Did you ensure the modem was turned on?

Is the source of power connected properly to the modem and electrical outlet?

Are you using the appropriate cable to connect the modem to your computer?

Are the DIP switches located at the back of the modem set at their correct positions?

Source of the failure of the modem

Craigs dial-up modem is maybe failing to work correctly since it is not configured properly. The setting for the modem should match the settings that were provided by the manufacturer for the particular modem. According to U.S Robotics, the change in settings may have occurred during the upgrade.

Steps to solve the problem

Click on Start

Double click on My Computer

Double Click on Dial-Up-Networking

Right Click on the connection that is being used and then Select Properties. Check with manufacturers manual that the description in the modem box matches. If it does not then select the appropriate modem description.


U.S. Robotics. 56K Faxmodem User's Guide and Reference. Retrieved April 16, 2016, from (2016). How to install or upgrade to Windows XP. Retrieved April 16, 2016, from

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