Free Essay on Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Published: 2019-11-11
Free Essay on Occupational Safety and Health Administration
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OSHA also referred to as Occupational Safety and Health Act, is a primary and basic federal law that governs the occupational safety and health in the federal government and the private sector in the United States. The main goal of OSHA is ensuring that all employees are being provided an environment that is free from hazards that are recognized such as unsanitary conditions, by their employers. This act then brought forth the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Since OSHA gives priority to the safety and sanitation of employees, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are provided and are readily available at food service establishments. A Material Safety Data Sheet is a requirement under the United States OSHA Hazard Communication Standard. It offers useful information such as procedures for leaks and spills as well as guidelines for storage. The MSDS sheets are readily available and provided in food service establishments to ensure that proper guidelines and instructions are followed to avoid hazards in the establishments.

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Cleaning is that process of the removal of food and other types of soils from any types of surface, for example a dish, cutting board or a glass. The process of cleaning is often accomplished by the use of a cleaning agent which works well in removing soil, food, minerals, rust stains and even other deposits. Sanitizing, on the other hand is that process of reduction on the number for microorganisms which are on a surface that has been cleaned properly to a safe level. Unlike cleaning, sanitizing can be accomplished through the use of chemicals, heat or radiation. Not unless the item that needs to be sanitized is cleaned effectively, it is not possible to obtain very close contact between the surface that needs to be sanitized and the sanitizer. To ad on that, some of the chemical sanitizers, like iodine and chlorine, react highly with organic matter and for that matter; it will not be very effective when that surface is not cleaned properly.

For there to be proper workflow in any kitchen there is dire need of a proper design to ensure that there is efficiency. A kitchen that has been well designed saves energy and time since little effort is required by the people using the kitchen. When a kitchen is well designed, even more people can operate in the same room without congestion and work will flow really well. The most important characteristics of a well-designed kitchen include good lighting, practical storage, functionality, counters and islands and sufficient space. Storage is very important and the installation of cabinets is paramount as it creates more space. Good lighting is also very important as there will be no strains in trying to see. To add on that, counters work well as work stations and this is a very important characteristic of a kitchen that has been well designed. Altogether, these characteristics bring along proper functionality which can be achieved if the other characteristics are in check.

PCO stands for Pest Control Operator. They do offer services that ensure the issue of pests is controlled in any given area. Since there are very many risks associated with the handling of pesticides, any individual that handles pesticides as part of pest control, needs to ensure that they have a pest control operator license. Pesticides are very toxic and there are very many risks that are associated with the use of pesticides and for that matter, a licensed pest control operator needs to be trained to store, apply and even handle these substances safely. A good example that exists in my area is the ECOLAB. They are greatly specialized for hospitality providers and food-serving businesses.


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