Argumentative Essay Sample: Guns Should Be Controlled

Published: 2019-06-07
Argumentative Essay Sample: Guns Should Be Controlled
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Guns should be controlled as they are the main reason for the mass shootings that are experienced in United States. Additionally, the cases of homicides have risen in the present days due to the lack of gun control mechanisms. Furthermore, crime and gun violence has surged to unprecedented levels. All these heinous acts have been contributed by lack of proper legislation to control the use of guns. As such, the control of guns is important in eliminating these acts.

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The mass shootings that have been experienced in America in recent days have left the whole world in shock. People have been killed in the church without any justification while others have been shot indiscriminately in other public places (USA TODAY, 1). The culprits responsible for these mass shootings these mass shootings do not even have the license to hold guns. Others take the guns from the licensed owners who are not careful on where they leave the guns. As such, these trends of mass killings have kept the citizens of the US in a state of fear and confusion. Additionally, most of the citizens have accepted that the only way out is to have control over the use of these sophisticate weapons (Kellermann et al, 1087). It is, therefore, the high time that the state wakes up and takes measures to tame the use of guns.

Homicides have increased at an alarming rate due to bad use of the guns (Lott, 12). These homicide killings occur because the guns have been left in the hands of irresponsible people. In this regard, husbands have killed their wives while girlfriends have brutally murdered by their boyfriends and vice versa. The society has bled enough. Children have been orphaned, while couples have been left widows and widowers. Furthermore, lovers have eliminated each other in cases of their love going sour. According to Fox et al (56), all these killings are committed using guns that are put in the wrong hands. To save the nation from this misery, there is an urgent need to make the use of the guns very limited .The only cure to these homicides is the government control of the acquisition and use of guns.

According to Brent et al (330), Most of the streets in the United States have become impassable at certain hours because of the increasing number of crimes. Robbers and other people of ill-will have taken over the streets and supports violence to innocent citizens (, 34). The citizens have even deserted some streets because they are very prone to crimes. Additionally, young men and women have involved themselves in very filthy activities of threatening and even killing those who resist their advancements Stray, (Jonathan, 15). As a result, a generation is being lost in crime because of the availability of cheap and available guns. To protect the citizens from the increasing number of crimes, the government must introduce gun control to end these endless cycles of crimes.

To conclude, I support the legislation on gun control. This will help reduce the number of mass shootings, homicides and street crimes that are increasingly threatening the safety and well-being of the American citizens. The loss of people that has been facilitated by the irresponsible use of guns is immense. The country cannot afford to sit back and watch as the generation of young people dip themselves into crime. As such, the government needs to pass legislation that introduces stringent measures of controlling the acquisition and ownership of guns.

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