Free Essay Example: Change Management in Community Policing

Published: 2022-10-24
Free Essay Example: Change Management in Community Policing
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Community policing is a philosophy that promotes the involvement of the police and the community in policing. In this philosophy, the police are reintegrated back to the society where they interact with the locals to build partnerships that can help in fighting crime. Community policing brings together all the parties with the police changing their paramilitary tactics to community-based tactics (Cordner, 2014). It is through this policing that the society can help in reporting the crime, provide solutions for the crime and work with the policy to create a crime-free society. As such, police officers are made to live within the community, learn their culture and ways of life with the aim of getter a better view of issues that affect society. Community policy works by developing partnerships with the community, engaging in solving problems and implementing policing strategies. In the implementation of community policing, certain differences can arise due to different components that make up the identified community.

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The two communities under study have different values and problems that make up their society. Different approaches are used in implementing community policing in these two communities to solve the existing problem. In the first community, a greater focus for the officers would be to focus on creating awareness of the importance of diversity. As such, officers will polish heritage will be deployed into this community as they have a better understanding of the culture (Cordner, 2014). These officers will interact with the locals while spreading the message of diversity. As such, the crime in the area will be reduced by helping criminal gangs and the community to be tolerant of diversity and the views of others. In the second community, a greater focus of policing will be directed towards protecting the elderly. The rising crime in the area will be the focus of policing, and the police will work with all the stakeholders to help in addressing the problem. As such, a direct approach to combating crime and promoting community involvement in the second community unlike the focus on addressing diversity issues in the first community.

There is a difference in the focus of community policing for the two communities. In the first community, the main focus is on eradicating crime and criminal gangs by persuading the community to embrace diversity. The police would lead by example in embracing diversity and welcoming the community to follow suit (Wilson, 2013). In the second community, community policing will be focused on protecting the elderly from exploitation. The community comprises of retirees and youths. These youths are indulging in crime and drug abuse whose effect will extend to the elderly. As such, policing will involve reaching out to the youth to end crime at the same time protecting the elderly. The police might be forced to use force to contain crime with the main focus being eradicating crime.

The other difference in the implementation will arise from the possible setbacks. In the first community, minimum setbacks are likely to be encountered with the community refusing to embrace diversity. They might see community policing as an attempt to dilute culture and ways of living (Wilson, 2013). In the second community, the main setback would be retaliatory attacks and development of alternative methods of drug abuse. In this case, the public whose majority is the youth might jeopardize efforts to reduce crime through community involvement.


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