Free Essay on Teaching Value Sensitive Subjects

Published: 2019-09-26
Free Essay on Teaching Value Sensitive Subjects
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The presentation of the paper was very composite and specific. The paper started out with an introduction of the narrator. It started out with a brief introduction of the topic, in this case, scenario, the paper was based on the teaching of value sensitive subjects. The presentation involved the introduction of the topic. This involved the breakdown of all the subjects that can lead to emotional disputes in class due to the sensitivity of the subjects. The target audience of the presentation are teachers of nursing either in the nursing setting or the academic setting and even students.

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The purpose of the presentation is to help teachers understand the best mechanisms to help teach value sensitive subjects to students in class. It is important that teachers understand to teach the vital values of a social standing of society to students in class. Through the development of a strategy to the teaching of value-sensitive subjects will help teachers find ways to help students understand the social constructs of society. It is also vital that social ills are discussed from a perspective of reason and logic, students should not deter away from the topic of discussion.

The application of the topic in a nursing class is mentioned in the presentation. The paper confirms the relevance of the sensitivity and importance of teaching value-sensitive subjects. All the points of the presentation paper were very clear; another aspect was that the paper helped enlighten the need and ways of teaching value-sensitive subjects in school.

The paper took information from papers from the University of Brigham Young-Idaho, one being teaching Sensitive subjects. Journal papers like Teaching and Learning Sensitive Topics by Dr. Pam Lowe and Dr. Helen Jones. All these papers were cited perfectly in the accepted APA sixth edition format. The topics were fully explained, and all the unclear parts were addressed. The advantages and disadvantages of the teaching of sensitive subjects and their discussion were clearly presented in the presentation.

The speaker summarized the presentation perfectly; the presentation involved the use of visual aids such as presentation notes that aided in the development discussion. The slides of the paper were clear and not jumbled with words. The presentation looked very professional and easy to read.

The instructor was very audible and clear; the presentation took a very rational amount of time. The instructor in the presentation had great presentation skills, the pace of the presentation was moderate. The instructor varied the tone over and over again, the ease of transition from one slide to the next slide was seamless. The speaker was able to create a conversational feeling in the presentation. We were able to understand the clarity of the presentation and the importance of teaching value-sensitive subjects.

The presentation was a humorous one; the presenter was able to describe how it is important to develop a strategy that would help in the teaching of value-sensitive subjects in schools. Nursing is a field full of jargon; it was important that the presenter uses some of them but in this case scenario, the presenter decided to use less of jargon in the paper. The speaker was able to use vocal fillers that helped create the conversational sprit in the presentation. It was important that the presentation was perfect and very clear.

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