Free Essay Example: English Film Theory

Published: 2023-03-05
Free Essay Example: English Film Theory
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Film theories are very significant in film studies as they help make the films that we watch meaningfully. Film theory comprises of scholarly approaches within the field of cinematic studies or film studies that help us evaluate the film by gaining interest to understand why the film is essential. Film theories help us understand the film better by identifying the relationship to the viewers, society, other artistic work as well as reality. However, studying too much film theory can get in the way of understanding the films. It also makes us hate theories, so the theories should be learned in moderate instead of studying loads of theories as they may confuse us rather than enlighten us.

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Film theories sometimes face critic, and some question their relevance in understanding the films. Film theories do not have anything to do with the film. The theories use the language that is hard to understand for the viewer, therefore, raising concerns on what the theories have to do with the experience of the film. Film theory encompasses the study of concepts that are significant in the making as well as the experience of the film (Stam, 2017). The issue of concern is whether the experience of a person who has studied film theory differs from that of someone who cannot name any film theory.

Too much knowledge of film theories creates pleasure for the viewers but at the same time, prevents productive film theorization (Stam, 2017). Answering the film questions posed by scholars using theories such as psychoanalysis is not enough. One can study numerous film theories and still find challenges in interpreting films. Instead of using many theories to help understand different aspects of film frameworks such as narrative theory, economics, and anthropology. The grand theory is one of those theories that are ineffective in helping to understand film and enhance our experience. The theories are not time-specific, but the film inquiry takes place at a specific time. Studying loads of theories, therefore, does not enhance the experience of the viewer's on different films.

Theories can only be essential if they are time-specific and context-specific, and they take account of history (Stam, 2017). Studying loads of film theories, therefore, does not mean that you will have a better understanding or experience of the film. Each film is different, and whether you know film theories or not, you can still have an awesome experience in the film. You do not need to study film theories, for example, to tell if a movie has a relationship with real-life or society. The themes of a film can be easily understood, and even a person who has not studied film movies can differentiate between a poorly produced film and an excellent one. The students of film studies are therefore likely to feel that the study of film theories is less significant due to the applicability.

In conclusion, film studies are essential as they help provide concepts of evaluating the films. However, studying too much of the theories is sometimes unsuitable as the applicability of these theories is limited. Theories' applicability in films is limited because they are not specific. Also, one does not need to study countless theories to evaluate a film. The majority of the aspects of a film, such as a theme creation, can be easily understood by someone who does not have any background in film theories. Also, theories do not in any way influence the experience that one has on a particular film.


Stam, R. (2017). Film theory: an introduction. John Wiley & Sons.

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