Essay Sample: Tide Pod Challenge

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Sample: Tide Pod Challenge
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The tide pod challenge has been launched in response to the sensation in the technological world as well as the internet. The ingestion of the tide pods is a result of the internet. With the seeds concentrating on laundry detergent pod, the home laundry process is simplified through the internet. The tide pods became famous in 2017 as the center of internet meme all over twitter and other social media involving its consumption. As a result, Tide came together to make a team that then launched a campaign persuading the teenagers against the abuse of pods. From the Tide Facebook page, there rose a challenge on the use of Tide Pods which was doing laundry and nothing else. The teenagers' idea of eating pod is discouraged through the flooding of the information on social media sites as well as Twitter and YouTube. With the gain of tide pods resembling the Ariel pods, they are colorful. However, it has high poison content with over 2.2 million people calling for the united states to control the poison annually.

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The concern over the stated intention and improper use of the tide pod laundry packs have also lead to the social media network memes hence removal of the content that is consistent with the policies. As a result, a challenge for the team to develops and implement the public relations campaign capable of informing the public about the dangers of the Tide pod challenge. The Tide Pods are made of various chambers which contain detergent for removing stains as well as brightening. Its consumption may lead to a range of problems among them the life-threatening breathing problems as well as damaging the esophagus. Other issues such as blood pressure and loss of consciousness are also evident.

The team aims at raising the teenagers' awareness as well as the knowledge of the public and parents on the health effects of Tide Pod Challenge. As a result, the teenagers and the public will be convinced not to eat the Tide Pods hence the safety of the people in general. The team targets the society, teenage population and individuals engaging in tide Pod challenge as well as the patents of the young children who like using the Tide Pods when placed where the children can reach. nformation is also drafted that captures the attention of the press release, therefore, creating a comical effect that is effective for reporting that the Tide Pod Challenge is dangerous. On the other hand, the team aimed at utilizing the personal spread of messages hence increasing the social media awareness of the Tide Pod challenge.

The key message from the team is that don't eat the Tide Pods since they have harmful health effects. Through the use of Twitter as well as the popular memes, the message reaches the teenagers from every point they are found. The twitter public posts that denounce the eating of the Tide Pods creates awareness to the teenagers on the consumption of the Tide Pods. Also, through the creation of a well-designed brochure, the teenagers, as well as the public, is educated of the dangers of the tide pods with the help of social media that encourages the teens to take part in the Tide Pods Challenge.

The social media platforms use the accessible information on both Twitter and Facebook in describing the teen's participation in the Tide Pods Challenges with the approach that is appealing to the teens. As a result, the team creates a twitter post with the help of a super bowl that highlights the health hazards that are associated with the consumption of Tide Pods. As a result, the media creates a direct message on twitter showing the individual health effects for the people consuming Tide Pods. As a result of the twitter post, there is a public denouncement of Tide Pod Challenge among the teens as well as the public.

The battle for the negative media brigade due to the internet famousness on the Tide Pod Challenge has become a challenge to the company which is one of the popular in the production of Tide Pods. Eating of the Tide Pod is the leading cause that appeases the internet followers hence the need to accomplish the Tide Pod Challenge. The laundry detergent pods which is manufactured with the warning of consumption requires child-proof pouches based on the social media presence that responds to the challenge of seeds. The strategy set by the company denounces the Tide Pod Challenge hence publicizing the problem with the acknowledgment of the health effects of consuming tide pods. It is clear that the consumption of tide pods burns the mouth, the digestive system as well as the stomach. Therefore, the accidental use of the seeds leads to the need to participate in the challenge with the wish of the company of not offending anyone. Consequently, the purpose of this team is to inform and respond against the eating of the side pods as well as its mishandling.


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