Free Essay with Textual Rhetorical Analysis on Immigration Issues

Published: 2019-10-31
Free Essay with Textual Rhetorical Analysis on Immigration Issues
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For years, there has been an outcry by thousands of persons living in and out of the United States, in regards to the lack of an orderly immigration system in the nation. The nations Citizenship and Immigration Services Department has made millions of persons to wait for years before they can lawfully join their relatives in the United States. Today, millions of Americans with children and spouses in foreign nations have to wait for years before their foreign families can be accepted in the United States. This essay is a textual rhetorical analysis, of the issue of the poor immigration system in the United States and its effect on the nations citizens and their loved ones from other nations.

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Rhetorical Situation in Terms of Audience, Context and Purpose of the Essay

The essay is set based on the prevailing situation in the nation, with respect to the poor immigration system in the U.S. In Mexico, millions of foreigners have been waiting for years to join their spouses and other relatives in the U.S. This has been attributed to the backlog in the processing of their immigration documents by the federal government. The audience for this analysis will be persons who may desire to marry abroad and secure their spouses a citizenship through a marriage certificate. In addition, the context of this research focuses on this immigration issue, which is affecting millions of persons annually. Ultimately, the purpose of this essay is to make people understand that marrying abroad does not automatically guarantee them citizenship in the U.S.

Discussion of How I Develop and Supported the Thesis

The thesis of this paper originated from a personal experience with the issue of poor migration system in the U.S. My brother got married to his spouse while in the military. After the service, his spouse went back to Germany, which was her mother nation. They planned to rejoin later after a few months in U.S. where they would settle. Upon going back to the U.S., my brothers strives to have his wifes legal documents processed in time were not successful. Until now, he has been waiting for three years to have his wife join him in the U.S. since her citizenship papers have not yet been processed. In addition, I supported the thesis by performing a literature review on publications focusing on this issue in the U.S.

The Strengths of This Essay

The essay draws its strength from the fact that the poor immigration system in the U.S., has been a highly publicized issue in the nation over the last few years. As a result, there are thousands of publications that have been authored in the U.S. and other parts of the world focusing on the issue. The publications address the reasons as to why the issue of poor migration system has been prevalent in the nation, as well as its impact on families living both in the U.S. and in other parts of the world. In addition, such publications are resourceful references for supporting the historical data and facts about the issue of poor migration system in the U.S.

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