Free Essay with the Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign Analysis

Published: 2019-03-26 10:35:49
Free Essay with the Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign Analysis
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Boston's anti-sexual harassment team

Studies reveal that most women and men, in U.S.A do not feel safe, particularly when they take public transport. Not long ago, Boston's anti-sexual harassment team set campaigns against individual harassments within the area, particularly the public transport systems. Many people turned up in the streets with banners and fliers to express their grievances against such immoral practices. According to the officials of T anti-harassment campaign officials in Boston, the objectives of these campaigns are to send a clear message against all inappropriate behavior including intolerance to sexual touching. In the posters, pictures of both men and women pointing at certain perpetrators, folding their arms in despair or holding their hands were am the depictions. The article, therefore, intends to look into the extent to which the campaign techniques in employment fuel change against immoral behavior and harassing deeds. The article will do so by going through some of the issues fueling the protests and anti-harassment campaigns. It will also determine the viability of the methods towards addressing the concerns within the community. The campaign techniques such as facial expression, ethos and body language are examples of strong persuasion in the posters and fliers.

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First and foremost, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) employs the use of facial expression in the advertisements to persuade people in believing that their services are of high quality. There are large posters with pictures of men or women with each having a serious face to express the depth of the message to pass across. One poster of a lady looking intensely into a camera shows a victim treat as strong and in the face of a sensitive topic. As a result, the design of the poster is specific in addressing the issues that arise in public transport systems through the facial expression of the victims on the posters. In this case, the persons on the billboards and posters should have a whole serious face to express emotions to create the seriousness of the issue. In return, the public will feel the depth of the message and act accordingly. The aim of the campaign ads within the street of Boston is not just to raise concerns or just to decorate the suburbs and the transport vessels with pictures of men and women. But to provoke questions within the streets and to entice the majority, including those influenced by harassment activities, into taking necessary actions against such immoral acts. At the same time, the words on the banners should bear the same message as the facial expression shown in the pictures to show people on the vitality of the message. Some of the messages include "Keep Your HANGS Off Me." From an analyst's perspective, the messages in the posters themselves portray strong convictions of a group of radicals who would do anything to ensure change is ultimately achievable. The strength of the message is simple: street harassment is dismissible and that the effects are broad and concrete. However, the only way to dismiss the acts is by creating high awareness against the perpetrators. The kind of knowledge created should ferociously declare war against harassment issues. The people should fight the issue through embracing the awareness messages on the posters by judging on the facial expression of the persons sending the message out. Such creation of knowledge happens to be at MBTA's core of a non-profiting mission.

Transportation authority

MBTA uses ethos in the poster to encourage their passengers to report any sexual harassment to create a trust for the public users in their services. It implies that transportation authority masterminds in Boston happen to be the driving force of the anti-harassment campaigns among other groups. The purpose of using posters is because most public transport systems incur numerous cases of sexual harassments than other transportation sectors, hence, the need to address the issue from this angle. The posts by MBTA try to instruct passengers on methods of counteracting harassments while traveling. Among these techniques of fighting, harassments are using a cell phone to capture the face of the perpetrator. The victim can afterward comfortably report the case using the T's see something; say something Smartphone application to report the sexual harassment case to security personnel. The technology use is efficient because the Smartphone app is an easy and fast way to report any issue since one already has the evidence to prove the circumstance. Additionally, it helps the victim to go through the process efficiently with the hope of finding justice through the visible evidence on the phone.

Lastly, MBTA uses the body language significantly in the posters to persuade people. By MBTA considering the employment of both women and men in their posters, they understand that both husband and woman are at risk of facing sexual harassments. In as much as women are most victims of this issue at all times, men are at one time also face the sexual harassment threat. However, people have come to ignore men as most perpetrators forgetting that they also are victims of circumstance. The protection women receive should also extend to people because they are not safe either. One poster with a man holding onto his arms with a strong face indicates how a sexual organization in the country is a sensitive subject that needs most solutions for the sake of the well-being in future for the next generation. As a result, the T's application is specifically designed to track all perpetrators causing discomfort in public transport systems, both to men and women to face disciplinary actions. It implies that the message on the dangers of sexually harassing people leads to severe disciplinary measures and hence people should not try harming others.A sign of a lady boldly pointing out is a portrait of a way in which women are made authoritarians over the decisions they make for themselves regardless of where and who they are. MBTA gives the platform in which women and men can take charge and prevent intimidation and sexual assaults from their counterparts. Pointing straight at the perpetrator and proclaiming "respect my space," is the best way in which a system encourages all people to be active, bold and on the watch for such horrifying behaviors. In a way, gives women the courage of advocating for themselves against traditional morals that strip them of their respect and dignity as women. Alternatively, in a poster where a woman stretches her hand out focusing onto the camera and with engraved words as, "keep your privates private," is a sign that advocates for the decency of women in the society. Since the only way to avoid the trouble is to keep at bay as possible the problem itself thus the need for females to be self-responsible. It is so since they are primary victims who face harassments and other immoral acts every single day. However, the MBTA policies protect all the people regardless of gender to ensure safety in public transport systems.

Overall, the ads used by MBTA are inclusive and therefore are groundbreaking and critical in the way they chose to pass their messages. They focus on both harassment issues about both men and women in all aspects of their lives. Studies show that those who have disabilities tend to experience sexual harassment almost twice the rate under which the ordinary people experience. With the invention of the T's idea, it gives everyone including the disabled a voice and strength of confronting the perpetrators. The designs in employment are also strategic in keeping the leaders awake to fight the issues that face their people. Therefore, it is evident that MBTA is the watchdogs that ensure the leaders do not sleep on duty but are quick in acting to such sensitive matters. MBTA protests and campaign launches have substantially led to an increase in arrests of thirty percent to forty percent within a matter of months. It means that MBTA effectively uses posters and ads to fight sexual harassment cases. In this case, I can comfortably argue on the safety of victims through these measures and techniques.

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