Sexuality Research: A Foundation for Reproductive Health & Gender Equality

Published: 2023-11-30
Sexuality Research: A Foundation for Reproductive Health & Gender Equality
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Sex research is a significant part of psychological and reproductive health in society and individuals' personal lives. This is because; human sexuality broadens ones understanding and creates a healthy foundation of generations. Notably, the research enables one understand matters of dysfunction, social implication and legal policies towards gender equality (Hirst, 2014). For instance, human sexuality advocates how nurses can serve their patients' sexual needs and encourage sexuality rights. However, most countries consider sex education as argent leading to moral decay. Therefore, this paper seeks to discuss the benefits of sex research, areas that encourage moral decay, and those responsible for decision making about sexuality.

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Reproductive health is a significant concern to many individuals who plan to have a child, identify contraceptives fitting them, and terminate the pregnancies. These activities may have a significant impact on one's health, and therefore one should acquire a better understanding regarding the activities. Notably, sex research has equipped the public with basic knowledge about their reproductive life . some countries like China legalized sex education on contraceptives to control the population growth(Zhao, 2020). However, studies about contraceptives have encouraged the fading of moral values among teenagers since most of them participate in sexual intercourse at a tender age while expecting no pregnancies.

Subsequently, the psychological study of sexual feelings seeks more attention in society since it enables psychologists to understand their clients’ sexual relationships better. For instance, a consultant may listen to an individual's sexual dysfunction problems and conclude the courses, whether it is poor sexual habits or health issues (Hirst, 2014). Alongside this, sex education enables one to supervise their sexual assault and conduct sexual lifestyle orientation. Therefore, sexuality improves people’s sexual health and state of well-being in relationships and marriages.

In contrast to this, most societies prohibit particular sex education techniques with interest for educators to consider age-appropriation. For instance, the North Carolina Values Coalition conducted a protest against graphic and gender-bending sex education (Hirst, 2014). Notably, the coalition argued that the involvement of graphics in sexuality research encourages sexual desires among the children (Zhao, 2020). Besides, teenagers may develop immoral behaviors and poor sexual habits such as masturbation. Therefore, such sex education methods should be prohibited in society to develop moral values among the young generation.

Consequently, most countries consider policies related to sex research as political leaders' affairs since they are the ones making decisions on behalf of other citizens. For instance, in coordination with non-governmental organizations, China's government invested resources to ensure public access of contraceptives to control population growth (Zhao, 2020). Alongside this, the organizations and their political leaders led education all over the country about sexuality.

In conclusion, this article sought to discuss the importance of sexual research to individuals and the public. These benefits include a proper understanding of reproductive health, psychologists' enhancement, and individuals' understanding of their sexual feelings and legal policies about gender equality. However, some aspects of sexuality encourage moral decay, such as the use of graphics in the study. Besides, the paper discussed people who are responsible for decision making and funding of sex education. Therefore, this article recommends every individual to acquire legal studies about sexual research to enhance moral generation.


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