Video Games: The Case of EA Sports FIFA - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
Video Games: The Case of EA Sports FIFA - Free Paper Sample
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There are different media of mass communication, serving a variety of purposes for the people. A medium could ne for entertainment, information, memoirs, or even education. Each one of them is important for its purpose. Among the entertainment media is video gaming. The first gaming console was made in 1972, and the progress within those four decades has been immense (Spring, 2014). The first PlayStation, one of the most popular gaming consoles, was made in 1994 (Spring, 2014). Different video games target various demographics, but they are all critical for entertainment. The EA Sports FIFA video game is of interest in this paper, detailing its past, present and future and its role in mass communication at large. The essay focuses on the EA Sports FIFA video game to narrow down the video game media and proved a more focused analysis of the medium.

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History and Overview

One of the most prominent sports video games is the soccer game FIFA series, which simulates the sport magnificently. The game is developed by the Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. The first release was done in December 1993, and the game has been released annually ever since (Markovits & Green, 2019). For the 27 years, the company releases a version of the game annually, with the latest – FIFA 20 – released in September 2019. For soccer enthusiasts, this game is their ultimate experience of gaming. The franchise has grown in leaps and bounds, becoming one of the most sought after video games in the world. The game has been outstanding in the past, it’s currently exciting, and it is part of the great future of e-sports.

The EA Sports FIFA game has brought the concept of virtual reality in a game with billions of fans across the world. For these fans to feel like part of the game, the FIFA game simulation has aided their ‘active’ participation in pay. Other than the fans, the developers, IT gurus, have also made the game a possibility. The growth of technology has been intense, and the game’s graphics over the years are evidence of that fact. The video game is part of the entertainment media. It brings an extreme sense of fun and competition for the gamers, drawing incredible entertainment from it.

FIFA’s Media Influence

Millions of players play the EA FIFA game series across multiple platforms like computers and gaming consoles. In the recent past, the video gaming sector has become lucrative and attracting great investments. In this case, media advertising has been on the rise regarding the game. When a new series of the EA Sports FIFA game is about to launch, there is a colossal amount of advertising that goes on across all other media platforms (Cohendet et al., 2018). Magazines, radios, newspapers, television, social media, among others, join in the frenzy of making communiqués about the game.

The society has changed a great deal as a result of the video game. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, sports arenas and entertainment joints had been put under lockdown. People could not enjoy their favorite games from the pitches, and life was pretty low ion entertainment. However, a new industry was muscling its way to the top of the apex. E-sports have become the new sensation (Markovits & Green, 2019). People are enjoying competition between the best gamers in specific sports games like EA Sports FIFA in virtual spaces. This would have been impossible without such games.

Other than bringing the thrill of fun, the game is also a billion-dollar franchise. Therefore, some people earn a living primarily because of the existence of the game (Cohendet et al., 2018). The game sells millions of copies globally every year, meaning there are distributors in every corner of the world making a living out of the game. Also, some people have opened up gaming lounges as their kind of business. The lounges make money from charging people for gaming, and EA Sports FIFA is one of the favorite games in such joints (Cohendet et al., 2018). Therefore, society is getting financial benefits from the video game.

The Future of the Game

The future of EA Sports FIFA game is as bright as it can get. The game cannot operate on its own, like just the disk; hence there are so many dynamics that need to play to its favor to continue making progress. There has been a continuous improvement in gaming consoles. They have better graphics and are more efficient than before. Further, they continue becoming more affordable, and more people own gaming consoles than they did ten years ago (Cohendet et al., 2018). If the same trend continues, the future of the game is interesting. EA FIFA also has one of the most robust e-sports leagues, attracting both fans and pro-gamers. Therefore, the future is bound to be more focused on pro-gaming, entertainment gaming, and trapping the best technology to improve the gaming experience (Cohendet et al., 2018). The game will keep penetrating among its lovers, and more millions of people will start playing it for entertainment.


EA FIFA video game is a marvel for the gamers. For those who play it, they are always looking forward to the next release. The video game medium adds to the rich terrain of mass communication and media. For the purpose of entertainment, video gamers can correctly acclaim that they are well-sorted and thoroughly entertained. The present of the game is secure, and it is shown by the growth experienced in the medium. Nonetheless, the future appears even more promising if the trends are anything to use and make a forecast. It is unimaginable how mass communication would be today without video games.


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