Essay Example on Learning how to Write Short Sci-Fi Stories Via A Game

Published: 2023-12-30
Essay Example on Learning how to Write Short Sci-Fi Stories Via A Game
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The research presented involves studying the relationship between effective learning techniques, which may be derived from assistive technology, such as video games. In this case, the hypothesis is that a video game can assist pupils, especially in their elementary learning, to improve their second language skills through assistance to write short fictional stories about science. The hypothesis is intended to be confirmed through a statistical study on a random sample of 8-10 pupils in their 8th-grade study. This is a crucial stage in the study since various research methods are implemented to ensure equality in the sample and uniformity in the data collected. The sample will be subjected to a learning aid in a video game where the learners will learn a new foreign language with interactive technology.

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The interactive technology involves a mobile application that would make various flashes and sounds to pronounce words in a particular foreign language. Objects will flash on the screen, and the corresponding sounds will be their names. The mode of assessment will be the seed and correctness of the answers given by the learners in the form of a test with blank spaces. From the evaluation, both the game and the pupils will provide data about whether the video game is a useful learning tool for pupils. The data collected involves the children's ranking from time to time, whereby improved lessons and levels in the game are expected to yield increased knowledge imparted in the learners (McCombes, 2020).

This research aims at creating an effective game named Elegy for a Dead World. The video game is anticipated to form a useful learning tool for children to assist in writing short fictional stories. The game involves a writing activity where the learners write their stories and can interact with other learners on the same platform. The game is a single-player version that intends to have one user use one device at a time. The learners, having known the information and minimal training on how to use the game, will be expected to rely on the game's prompts to write their short science fiction stories to the end. The stories will then be recorded and assessed. This aside, the learners are also expected to take part in the basic learning techniques before interacting with the game. The learning will involve typical student-teacher interaction with the knowledge taught on how to write science fiction stories. The learners will also write their stories and will be assessed based on the same.

In both cases, the students will be allowed a maximum of eight teaching hours, where they will be left with the teacher and the device for this period. In this case, no control groups will be implemented since the same sample will be subjected to equal tests on short stories writing. It is anticipated that the group will start with the primary teaching and learning techniques before they embark on the effective use of technology in education. Although the time selected might be perceived as more extended, it is essential to note that children's learning process may tend to be repetitive due to their short attention span. The time also may assist in yielding positive results to confirm the effectiveness of technology in learning.

If the results are drawn from technology, exhibit a positive increase in the parameter measures such as grammar. This confirms the hypothesis that video games are a useful tool to be used in the teaching of language. In further opinion, if, in any case, there's a negative response with the sample between the results from that of classical means with that of technology, then this nullifies the possibility of having to use technology as a useful tool in the learning of language. The sample taken is anticipated to be in a random assignment to eliminate the possibility of bias in selection. In this way, each participant has an equal opportunity to participate in the study (Glen, 2020). Large sample size will also be useful in the study since any study irregularities will be reduced in due course.


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