Video Games for Well-Being - Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-11
Video Games for Well-Being - Essay Example
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The past 40 years have witnessed video games having a transformational impact on how individuals play and enjoy themselves. The aspect has witnessed changes in the demographics involved in video games. The majority of the research has linked teenagers, mainly males, as the main target of the video game industry, which is contrary to the fact that an average gamer is 30 years old(Pallavicini, 2018). The entire gaming population is also almost equally divided between males and females (Pallavicini, 2018).

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Video games have also been linked to negative psychological impacts, with violent video games, connected to increased aggression among individuals (Pallavicini, 2018). Over time, however, scientific studies have gradually recognized the positive effect that gaming can have on an individual's health. Recent decades have seen computer gaming being created for serious purposes, i.e., video games being developed to improve various individual skills (Pallavicini, 2018). Video games such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man were found to positively impact cognitive skills, enhancing the real-time strategy for individuals (Pallavicini, 2018). The following years saw cognitive psychologists developing games such as Space Fortress as a training and research tool, whose success led to it being used as part of the training program for the Israeli Air Force (Pallavicini, 2018). This aspect inspired many developers to create games aimed at changing behavior patterns.

Leading studies have investigated the potentiality of the games, and their relations to cognitive skills across ages. It has been observed that a game that uses a complex strategy has the possibility of improving cognitive flexibility, particularly of older individuals (Pallavicini, 2018). Additionally, playing commercial computer cognitive training programs may lead to significant enhancement in visuospatial working memory, learning, and attention (Pallavicini, 2018).

Besides being essential in training cognitive processes, other studies have shown that video games may trigger various positive emotional situations that might impact emotional skills training, inclusive of self-regulation behaviors (Pallavicini, 2018). Games such as Tetris have been linked with reduced cognitive load and generally short-term demand but are capable of creating a positive effect on player mood, emotion, and relaxation (Pallavicini, 2018).

In conclusion, the research article promotes the idea that contrary to a majority of the belief, video games are not targeted for younger people only but rather as a tool to improve the various crucial aspects of life across ages. The article illustrates in detail the various ways on “How the brain reacts to video game exposure."


Pallavicini, F., Ferrari, A., & Mantovani, F. (2018). Video games for well-being: A systematic review of the application of computer games for cognitive and emotional training in the adult population. Frontiers in Psychology, 9, 2127.

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