Free Essay - History and Theory of Screen

Published: 2023-08-28
Free Essay - History and Theory of Screen
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Several moving image mediums are remarkably effective in conveying performance and particularly in the emotion's evocation. The art of moving images is exceptionally complex, requiring charities from almost all other sculptures and several technical skills. Moving image mediums emerged in the 19th century, and it became the most popular as well as influential mass media of the current century and beyond. As a commercial venture, providing fictional chronicles to large viewers in theaters, the moving image mediums were recognized as the best mass entertainment form. Examples of moving image mediums include film, cinema, video art, television, and video games, among others (Geiger & Littau, 2013). This essay involves the selection of two works from various moving image mediums and discussing their similarities along with differences. In this case, this essay discusses the two works from cinema and video games.

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The industry of cinema is still a big deal. People desire to go and watch the movies produced recently since they contemplate that the photographic experience is still unbeatable. A veritable individuals' army is responsible for placing films in front of people, and this work's area provides several opportunities for the progression of the career. Whether an individual is involved in selecting the right venue's films, the manager who is responsible for the establishment of cinema, or responsible for the projector, that particular person will be among the vast essential people's networks that are essential for showing various films to the viewers (Geiger & Littau, 2013). The works that are found in cinema involves programming and projecting.

Programming depends on the area of involvement. A person who wishes to be a programmer in cinema, he or she will be responsible for making a selection of the preferable films for the specific venues. A programmer is expected to be keen on the right film, depending on the current event since clientele are attracted by specific venues. Thus it is essential to manage in matching the best film to the individuals who attend a specific establishment. For the projectionist, a good watch, as well as a technical observance, is needed. The projectionist is responsible for making sure the films started at the planned time plus keep progressing immediately the play button is hit. Dedicated projectionist may be working for long hours; thus, concentration and focus needs to be maintained throughout.

The video game is referred to as an interactive digital entertainment played through a game console, tablet, computer, or phone. Some of the works in video games include composing and developing, among others. Composers are responsible for writing as well as directing original music employed in producing different kinds of media entertainment. They aid in narrating a section in a television show, video game, film, or play. The created soundtrack must resemble the project along with conveying a suitable mood as well as tone. They create along with arranging musical slashes for anything in need of a soundtrack. The written scores are required to be technically accurate to create flawless presentations by musicians, choruses, or instrumental ensembles.

Video game developers, also are known as programmers, take the concept of a designer hence building them into a user's payable game. They are responsible for viewing the design stipulations of designers for video games. They take the ideas, rules, and drawings for the designer of video games and change them into billed games with visuals as well as sounds via writing code. They also program artificial aptitude for the characters of non-player within the game. As a result, the works compared include programming in cinema and composition in video games.

Similarities Between Programming in Cinema and Composition in Video Game

Both are about ensuing reasonable rules- programming and composing are both in need of Trivium. They need grammar, which is a solid fundamental's grasp. Specialist in these two works is expected to be good at what they write and talk for them not to change the passed message from a film or a video. In most cases, when the grammar is not correct, the viewers may get confused between what a programmer or a composer is dictating, as well as what they see from the film. The grammar should be the musical notation as well as knowledge or theory of the rules of programming language. Thus, for functional programming along with composition, the specialist should be good at grammar and be able to interpolate the film to pass the right message to the listeners.

Furthermore, they need logic where a programmer and a composer are supposed to manage in creating logical arguments. With this, it means that their argument should rhyme with what can be viewed from the film, and this helps the viewers to understand it better. A person who is composing or programming may lose concentration while following the movie, and this interrupts the flow.

When writing code or music, the involved individual needs to adhere to logical rules to understand the moving sections to work together correctly. In some instances, the programmer or a compressor may mess up with the rules, and this will make the work meaningless. To catch the listener's attention and well as making the film enjoyable, the writing, as well as coding rules, need to be followed, and it will benefit both the listeners and the specialist.

The programmer and the composer also need rhetoric. Apart from adhering to the rules of grammar along with logic, it is good to make it in persuading listeners as well as users of new-fangled approaches to typical practice. Rhetoric, in this case, helps in enabling the listener to think critically about the meaning of the film and the intension of the designer. The viewers who follow a film from the beginning to the end can understand the power of rhetorical. They keep the listener involved as well as eager to know what is most likely to happen next, and at the same time, it becomes easy for them to get the moral lesson in it. Rhetoric is a vital factor in programming and composing.

Secondly, both of them are good at making something good-looking from small parts. For one to be a stunning pianist, he or she must get involved in practice first as well as picture-perfect the basis: repetitive scales, simple and arpeggios. To perfect in this area, one needs to spend more time making sure even the meekest expressions are sophisticated and correctly coded (Geiger & Littau, 2013). With small fragments in place, it becomes easy to build something superior, which is equally essential.

For a programmer and a composer to achieve this, they have to commit themselves to watch as many films as possible, and this will enable them to acquire knowledge. It also begins with getting a sense of what one is the response needed as well as acknowledging a blind spot in lived tastes along with experience terms.

In both works, they require the involved individuals to manage in seeing the bigger picture. Just the way compressor is expected to put all orchestra's various sections into consideration, as well as the way they are most likely to proceed together; a programmer is required to hold an intellectual bigger picture in mind as they begin building the architecture of the program. Both are about focusing on something bigger and better.

Sometimes while programming or composing, the specialist may see if whatever they are doing is so difficult as well as impossible, but this should no be the case since they are all expected to remain focused and view things in different dimensions. The medium expects them to have great minds and think far beyond what they are able to see. They are supposed to see success and work towards it even if the situation appears difficult for them.

In both, the key is self- expression- software, as well as music development, needs creativity along with self-expression. They help in passing the message to the viewers who can never talk or hear. Self-expression helps in boosting creativity. Through expressing the feelings, new ideas hit the programmer and compressor spontaneously, and by this, they realize the essentials of coding and writing. One may never know when or where a whim is likely to lead to a bigger picture or something more fun.

Creativity enables a programmer or a composer to view the message in the film in various dimensions hence enhancing understanding. Self-expression in both disciplines helps conquer fear, along with soothing the anxiety. Fear may hinder a programmer or a composer from performing to perfection, but once it has concurred, then performance becomes easy and smooth. Another thing that self-expression does in enabling the individuals in both fields to bond with the film hence loving what they are doing daily.

Also, in both, the programmer, as well as the composer, are required to be engaged technically. Developers, along with musicians, are expected to think critically on how their conceptions will cooperate with other productions plus in the end-user’s hands (Geiger & Littau, 2013). Someone who is composing may add inflection marks to educate the orchestra members on how to play. Alternatively, someone playing the guitar may desire to think concerning the use of external hardware. Besides, a guitarist may think the way they want their songs produced in the atelier. Programmers also are expected to put in mind the way others will utilize their final product and the type of device to be used, as well as to what extent.

The aspects of collaborative and individualistic are included in both. The most successful programmer can never be pure hermits. In this case, he or she is needed to work together with end-users, UX, managers, designers, and many others. It is crucial since it helps the desire of the final users to be met. In most cases, if the programmers fail to involve others in programming work, they only meet their satisfaction and neglect others (Papazian & Sommers, 2016). The same case applies to the composer might have used much time working alone on the way the next composition will sound, but the skillset requires working with others as musicians who were conducting. Individualistic and collaborative aspects are essential in both disciplines.

Differences Between Programming in Cinema and Composition in Video Game

Programming involves the selection of a film that suits the present venue. Not all films that suit all events and, in this case, the selected film should correspond with the event as well as the needed message. For example, if the message is about teenagers and adolescents, then it is the responsibility of the programmer to choose a film with this message and nothing else apart from this information (Papazian & Sommers, 2016). Anything different from this will confuse, and the needed message will not be delivered. They are not expected to pick what satisfies them but a film that attracts audiences as well as businesses.

In contrast, Composers aid in narrating a section in a television show, video game, film, or play. In this case, composers interpret the meaning of the film to the views, and he or she is expected to make use of proper grammar, logical, as well as rhetorical. This enables understanding, and the film becomes beneficial to the viewers. Some audiences may not be understanding the message that is being passed, but with the aid of the compressor, everything is made possible and beneficial.

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