Transformative Lessons: How Dark Souls Shaped My Life - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-14
Transformative Lessons: How Dark Souls Shaped My Life - Essay Sample
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Gaming has become the common mean of entertainment for human beings for the last few decades. It has given many people the ability to build the world in 3-D and tell stories and propel bigger ambitions like augmented and virtual reality (Park et al., 2019). Video games have experienced a significant change in the technology landscape and its market and business models. Their demands are now involving more female gamers, thus indicating a diverse economy. The diversity has not only been caused by the change in gender, but also by the changes in the races and background. Based on so many games in existence over long last in the entertainment field, the game's influence is determined by how it meets the audience expectation and how it changed the player and how to do things in society. They can change the way people believe and their understanding on various activities. The below discussion has looked at the Dark Soul of 2011, based on my personal beliefs and influence.

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2011 The Dark Soul

The dark soul is a game that was developed in 2011 and published by Namco Bandai Games. It acted as the spiritual successor from the demon soul software played in 2009 (Dubinin, 2018). The video took the Lordan's fiction kingdom, where the actors believed that the cursed role was to undead people who begin pilgrimage in discovering their fate. Exploration is the main mechanic of the game. It encourages the players to continue with caution, finds themselves opportunities to explore and learn from their past mistakes. The interaction of the player in Dark Souls is comprised of a great deal of combat. Such combat involves melee attacks, magical abilities, and different forms of defensive maneuvering. The characters used weapons like spears, swords, maces, big clubs, and magical swords for the medieval style. In the milee attacks, the characters have access to the high fantasy array. Besides, the character has access to amour, shields, evasion, and parrying. The magic involves a wide variety of defensive and offensive abilities- they affect the miracles, sorceries, and pyromanias (Park et al., 2019).

Dark Souls also involved multi-players through the aspect of humanity. Such part involved two different forms of player character-the harrow form and the human form. In case the character died within the human condition, they were changed to harrow form. Besides, their humanity was only restored through consuming an item. For the player character to be summoning others, they must be in human forms (Park et al., 2019).

Nevertheless, non-player and other player's character may subject the human player to invasions. Through this, they can kill the player to restore their humanity, harvest their souls, and achieve other goals. Therefore, if there is no available humanity, the players will still be able to progress in a harrow.

Most of the Video games are compared to Dark Souls. Comparing all videos to the persuasive meme can seem like a pervasive meme, but it laid some truth in all memes. The video offered a genre template for the "Soul-Like" games, which punished people and set them back for failure. As the player's idea progressed, environmental storytelling and online interactions made their way to the gaming industry. Since the game did not allow direct contact with one another, the players could leave messages, warnings, and other ideas to help other people going over the same issues.

How the Dark Soul Changed Everything for Me

Dark souls are a form of shields and sword fantasy game, with a lot of inspiring dragons and difficulties relating to finger-blistering. The game has changed my life by helping me to drive various hard truths in my head. Most people and gamers usually appreciate Dark Souls because it is undoubtedly unforgiving and brutal (Park et al., 2019). However, this game is not excessively vindictive since it is a rigorous instructor. Through it, many people can learn and shape their behaviors effectively. Dark souls can be useful in putting individuals in the worlds where they are expected to learn.

In my teenage life, I was struggling with balancing my life. I was making half-hearted efforts towards all my education, family, and social life. My adolescence almost carried me away, and this made my grades in class to start falling. I also feared losing and becoming a failure. Since I was young, I have been a very bright child, and starting failing at my adolescent age was shocking to me and my parents and teachers. I thought that I was a failure and was almost giving up. However, after I got the Dark soul from software in 2012 and became married to it, I spent the day playing it, and playing the game severally fixed my whole life. It encourages me and friends and families, which served as a genuine factor for me to enter the adulthood stage. Here are some of the things that I learned after watching Dark Souls.

It Is Normal to Fail

In most of the games, if you struggle to achieve the first objective, there are higher chances of achieving the second. However, the case of Dark Soul is very different. The game's challenges aim to push the limit of the player's skills and reward them for persevering. After winning, the players are more prepared to step into the next challenges. For example, if you are playing it, your companion acts as your ability and armor to avoid yourself from getting killed. Besides, an individual's mistakes must be punished since they must walk back to what they are doing and fight back their enemies (Park et al., 2019). Through this, the player should pay attention to every detail. It is okay to make a mistake, but the worst thing is giving up.

Basing my case to the Dark Souls, I had challenges balancing my life, which lowered my grades. Through failing in exams, prepared me for more challenges and exams in the future. Precisely, the failure is necessary for future success, but it is not to be lamented. In reality, I was blaming myself for any failure on the circumstances I was facing. When I was failing exams, I thought that I had given my friends the priority, this giving less attention to my studies. I thought I did not commit enough time to improve. However, Dark Souls helped me in owning my failures and using them in growing.

It Is Good To Be Patient

The easiest way people get killed by the Dark souls is by charging ahead into new territory recklessly. Through a lot of shields and sword games, individuals can defeat the most famous monsters. Defeating the monsters can only be achieved through mashing the attack button. The path towards becoming a victor needs mental fortitude. People should be patient as they face scary creatures. Here, it is not possible to sermon all challenges at once (Dubinin, 2018).

I had faltered in my adolescent life simply because I did not find success in my education. It is also important to note that teens' friendship makes them feel more accepted by their children than their parents. Therefore, at this stage, they get carried away by their parents but eventually return to their everyday lives after adolescence. I thought all was lost after I started receiving poor grades. After watching Dark Souls, I changed my way of observing life. I was earlier frightened and regarded myself as a failure, without realizing that being successful or failing is determined not only in school.

Maintain focus

I also learned that it is not essential to focus on the destination but the journey. I enjoy watching and playing Dark Souls. I play it intending to beat it. Through this, I obtain the experience of enjoying life. As I won the first boss, I cannot be daunted to think that it can be hard to beat the final boss.

Furthermore, beating the boss should come with celebrations, since it was expected to happen two hours earlier. The excellent part of Dark Souls is that it does not wait for a twist ending. It creates pleasure for individuals to pursue the experiences and understanding that the best and memorable moments are self-created. With this, I love Dark Souls as my favorite game.

After a couple of watching Dark souls from other people and practicing it, I managed myself and improved on my grades. I realized that everything happens simultaneously; I value all three factors- love for my friends, family, and studies. Currently, I do not have issues related to balancing my activities. I have nothing about adolescent figured out. Furthermore, I have many achievements to make, but I do to know how to achieve them. Since I am more familiar with Dark Souls, which is very okay with me, I can tackle the challenges of tomorrow as they come and seize various chances as they arise.


Dark souls arrived in my hands and took my life rapidly. Some of the lessons I learned from the game that changed my life were; my failures and solely mine. So, no matter how much I lose, it is my fault and mine alone. Thus, this should not determine my future. Things can get better if I can keep trying and prepare for better. It also helped me understand that patient is the key in everything I do. Sometimes people continue failing because they are not patient enough. Being patient with every progress leads to success. Furthermore, the game enabled me to understand that I do not have to win in any activity, but get better and go further. There is no state of the permanent win, and winning one time does not mean that there are other future obstacles. Lastly, the game ac as the main focus, thus influence ago the other activities. The good thing here is to remain more robust and more challenging. These are the essential lessons I obtained from Dark Souls, thus changing my life completely.


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