Paper Example on Dystopian Short Story: Technology and Social Issues

Published: 2024-01-19
Paper Example on Dystopian Short Story: Technology and Social Issues
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Mr. Marcus purchased the third android for her wife on her thirty-fifth birthday, increasing the family's number of androids to six. That seemed highly exciting to a family only a few steps away from middle age. The android represented a new model, a beautiful curvy brand with curly hair from a unique planet further away. The developers had designed the product to generate jealousy, with thick eyebrows, inexpertly arranged teeth, and a jutting chin. The overall appearance remained exceptionally appealing. Mrs. Marcus appeared joyful like an innocent smiling child offered a chocolate (those decades when real chocolate existed). Her delight increased as the trillion circuit systems in the android beamed, bringing her back to her senses. The android offered greetings to both Mr. and Mrs. Marcus developing a personal bond between the trios.

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These androids adopted real people's names since they appeared human, engaged in different activities with children, and spoke through intricately designed vocal cords. However, they remained inhuman, so the android Mr. Marcus gave to her wife desisted from assuming the human tag. She called herself 'Andi Three.' The couple assigned Andi Three of her duties involving kitchen duties. Andi Three had gotten programmed with several cookbooks, plus utopian specialists from different universes. Thinking deeply, Mrs. Marcus contemplated what such advanced planets would create next. Besides, she wondered what chores she could do now that the new androids helped in most household tasks. She asked her husband what he planned for the future.

However, within a couple of years, Mr. Marcus got a job as an assistant marketing director in one of the most advanced companies with the most developed technologies. Mr. Marcus enjoyed increased pay, access to new models before they got introduced in the market and all the discounts. However, Mr. Marcus's problem involved accommodating the various androids as he expected to add more to help in managing other household and personal duties.

Notwithstanding, Mrs. Marcus wondered out loud about the issue of having children. Mr. Marcus suggested that they may have to abandon the idea of having children and adopt one or two of the recently developed androids that looked like real children. He asserted that having offspring is not in fashion for the wealthier in the contemporary world, which features in the current debatable issues. Mr. Marcus justified his claims by noting that the modernly designed androids that looked like children could operate as adults and simultaneously sing and play games, thereby filling the emotional gap. Mrs. Marcus had reservations about using the androids for such purposes, equating them to child slaves in a documentary movie she had recently streamed online and watched.

As the workload increased for Mr. Marcus, the detachment between the couple continued to widen. Mr. Marcus found little time to spend with her wife as people demanded more orders for the androids that the company developed almost every fortnight. Mrs. Marcus found that she had to rely on the androids to help her with most of her work, including her favorite hobbies, such as painting. Anytime Mrs. Marcus raised an issue, Mr. Marcus would solve it by purchasing a new android that could solve that problem. However, when it became apparent to Mrs. Marcus that she had to live with the androids, talk to them, seek support from them, and still have her husband, she adjusted to the changes and created an environment that favored both of them. They lived happily after that in a mansion, where she occasionally took vacations to visit aesthetic scenes, such as beaches, and forests, and climbed mountains.

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