Essay Sample on Beatles Social Issue

Published: 2024-01-30
Essay Sample on Beatles Social Issue
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Beatles recording has experienced different changes over the years with a range of changes in the styles of music. Through the Beatles, music has spurred from dances and evolved over years to incorporate new aspects making the music not only enjoyable to listen to rather it has created new avenues and changes hence regarding the music as an art rather than music alone (Na & Na). The paper depicts that Beatles music has led to the development of a variety of recordings which have played a major role in creating new avenues as well as leading to change in social issues from the musical activities.

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Besides the artistic music and set in tours and concerts, the Beatles have other social influences. The influence range from films, pops, fashion, and bringing of eastern belief in the view of western society. Beatles changed over the years with scenes changing over time leading to slower changes occurring. The burst of the band has attributed to a wide change in the attitudes with vast changes socially and a combined force leading to a change in the factors that influence the ways of doing things

Initially, the band inclined to the rock and roll band, it had several followers and hence most o of their songs were mainly about love. Most of the music that was initially sang was based on love and in this case, the music led to more allusions to girls and women. Over time the music grew and changed to Anglicization of music which over time lead to a change in people who now opted to speak English after the rock and roll the fifties over time, being started interacting and speaking in English as it was then regarded as a guarantee of quality (Hecl & Rudolf, 2006). The music on rock and roll also played the role of changing individuals from being from the authentic down to earth language and later embraced the authenticity in English and example being “I Saw Her Standing There” from the Please, Please album, also the statement “Well my heart went boom when I crossed that room and I held her hand in mine.” Was an pposite from the crooners which became a tendency in which young people would speak when socializing and got o to identify themselves with.

Beatles music can be associated with clear information that can be used to communicate with different individuals concerning a particular aspect. The music sang by the Beatles despite being a favorite of individuals deemed from the lower class in the society, the music was able to create m informative messages that aimed at uniting people. The poor people were well united through messages of peace from the music such as “two working-class lads”: that emphasized living at peace with all people. The music at no point mention existence of social injustice or trying to attack the rich despite the wide gap between the rich and the poor despite the images of the Beatles being naughty and rebels.

The lyrics of “Get Back” which was used to insinuate “Pakistani’s taking other people’s job” WAS initially Viewed as a spirit that fueled animosity from the title, but with time the song has been used to shape people socially by teaching them to be less offensive and the needs to incorporate immigrants in a move to create a parody that is against the feeling of anti-immigrant feeling. With the different emotions stipulated, the music has played a major role in controlling the motions of people.

The Beatles played the role of changing band names by adding nouns when constructing a brand name. The most general effect on popular music may be the consideration of "the" before a thing for developing a brand name. The show has become just about a satire of itself, with groups having picked everything from irrational words to activity action words to build brand names in this strategy. While they weren't the main band to develop their name along these lines, they made this naming show almost inseparable from the experience of beginning a band.

Solo careers in rock came to be after the Beatles. Initially, pop performers were individuals who were backed by individual performance. Beatles created a sound that was ingrained with a specific identity of four different individuals that acted in one accordance. During their break up shock waves were all over due to the fact they were professional musicians operating in their names. Before the Beatles, the band never broke up and the occurrence shaped how solo artists should be treated till today.

The Beatless led to a change in mainstream fashion trends. There have been several changes in the way people walked, dressed, and talked. The shaggy hair cut and the long hair cut which was common in the ’60s became popular and were accepted socially. It is also during the time of Beatles did the Cuban heeled boots and later came to be referred to as “Beatle Boots”. With time the way of doing things was drastically changing with individuals becoming less formal through encouraging certain clothes as well as creating inspiration imitators who adopted the rowing of mustaches and beards which came to be viewed as funny and smart with less sophistication. Years ago even before MTV the music and media were not the same. The Beatles promoted music through different films and appearances on television which led to a lasting contribution on most of the influential.

With the developed hip-hop culture, the Beatles led to the end of the hippie culture. After the visit of the epicenter movement in San Francisco during the pivotal summer love which was led by the guitarist George Harrison, there was a large cover of the whole scene. (Biberlova & Zita) After the scene, a cover was made on the drug abuse and the cultish behavior in which Harrison sought to distance himself and the band from the scene. After speaking out of the occurrence the White album was released which played a major role in rejecting the hippie ideals and played a role that inspired the playing of songs on different traditional instruments and hard guitar tracks.

Despite the fact, Beatles music was associated with the less fortunate, the music played a major role socially in bringing a lasting message of hope. Historians such as Arthur Marwick said the Beatles brought a great social change in the future generation through creating an attitude about how the young generation can create change and play the role of ushering the “mini-renaissance in the rights of individual expression” whose main idea was to ensure there was love. Beatles music of hope was also highly played when people were in a depression after the John F Kennedy Assassination

Before the Beatles, there were no stadium rocks. The Beatles' victorious voyages through America opened the entryways for an "English attack" that permitted different groups, including The Rolling Stones, to get tremendous in the US. Little Steven informed discover concerning his "permanent memory" of being among the 73 million Americans who saw The Ed Sullivan Show on 9 February 1963. "It was the main snapshot of my life and left a blemish on my age," said Little Steven, who was 12 at that point. "It was what might be compared to a flying saucer arriving in your neighborhood par, just it was more significant than that since you had seen flying saucers land in the recreation center in the films. You had seen nothing like The Beatles." The 1963 appearance on American TV set off a commotion to see The Beatles live (Cohen & Sara, 2017). At the point when they got back to America in August 1965, they played Shea Stadium, in Flushing Meadows, Queens. There, 55,600 shouting fans, at that point a record for a well-known music show, welcomed the band with a craze.


The recording of Beatles covers a wide range of music. Their music has changed over the years leading to a spur of the pop culture The music is not only enjoyable but has also played a major role in the music industry through bringing about new ways of doing things in the industry. Besides the music, the band has played a role in social issues by creating new ways of doing things or living. The music played b by the band has played a role in ensuring there is cohesion and people get to live in peace as well as incorporate the different culture in classical music.

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