Essay Example on Liberty Equity and Power

Published: 2023-08-27
Essay Example on Liberty Equity and Power
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The transformation of the U.S. from a native American society to a powerful country is a concise understanding of the progress of liberty, equality, and power after the civil war. The transformation is more evident when we look at it through the three themes, freedom, equity and power. These points of view have helped in understanding how various dominant and subordinate groups have always effected the three issues as educational tools in a social, cultural and political context. Also, it has helped me understand the effects of liberty, equity and power concerning American history. Since the time of reconstruction and the end of civil war, the U.S has moved many steps ahead in freedom, equality, and power. The need for equality and autonomy shaped the definition of African Americans freedom. By the civil war ending, it was clear reconstruction would bring changes in the southern society that would redefine the place for blacks in American society. Perhaps the civil war was the most momentous event in the history of America.

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The protection of citizens against the tyranny of political leaders implies liberty. In several cases, most leaders do not lead by the citizen’s will. During the reconstruction period, the women movement and civil rights movement brought significant attention to the narrative of people of color and women. Workers’ rights movement brought more voices, and through these voices, more people experienced liberty. In terms of needs and desires for people with color, for instance, the independence of black churches from white denominations and the legalization of African American marriages was a major source of strength during the fight for the liberation of African Americans and people of the color. Although the reconstruction period was a time of great pain and endless questions, it contributed much in the rebuilding of the United States. For instance, slavery died with the end of civil war, the three constitutional amendments altered the nature of African-American rights. Slavery was abolished with the 13th amendments, and all the slaves were freed. Even though liberty has been a harder issue to deal with, over time, personal freedom has increased in African society which has placed a higher value in individual autonomy. In terms of the race, the united states have made an enormous stride. The civil rights legislation made discrimination illegal, which are seriously enforced by the federal government.


Reconstruction played a crucial role in achieving equality. Since the reformation, women have more rights. They can now vote and have as many legal opportunities as men, including the rights to own properties, divorce or sue. The 19th amendment in 1920 ensured the women roles expand during the women rights movement. With more people now achieving the right to vote, after the civil war, the passing of 14th amendment that prohibited states from denying any male citizen equal rights of protection under the law, regardless of race enabled everybody living in America to be treated equally. In addition, the 15th amendment granted the African American males the right to vote. These measures were positive steps toward racial equality. There is also progress injustice where African Americans are not mistreated in public by whites, and now they have greater access to good jobs and better opportunities than the past. Both African Americans, women and any other minority groups are now legally protected from any discrimination based on race or gender.


In power distribution, significant progress has been made. With the ratification of the direct election of the senator in 1913, voters were given more voting powers, and the progressive legislations lead to referendums and recalls the allowed more important voter initiatives to be put on the ballot in case the legislator refused to act quickly. Even though there is progress in the distribution of power, the process has, however, not been straightforward. The growth of power distribution since reconstruction is so significant because more Americans have been able to experience a broader political enfranchisement and social inclusion.


Although the civil war began the movement that extended the equality to African Americans, the 13th, 14th and the 15th amendments provided easier accomplishments. Currently, people of all colors, creeds, beliefs, and races continue the struggle to make united states a nation that all men are created equally. Reconstruction remained a source of inspiration among women and the black community, and it has never been forgotten. Even though there are many changes to be made, the United States has managed to achieve a massive deal in terms of liberty, equality, and power. There were several civil rights achievements including, the gay right movement that resulted to gains for bisexual, lesbians, and gays, where the law allowed for the right to marry for both gay and lesbian couples. Even though there is no complete free and equal society, in America, for instance, due to the white men holding the majority of positions of power in business, and government, the progress to freer and equal society can be noticed.

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