Paper Sample: The American Healthcare Delivery System

Published: 2023-01-17
Paper Sample: The American Healthcare Delivery System
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Spinning from a rigorous past and substantial significant change, it is, therefore, safe to say that the American Health Care Delivery System is one of the best in the World. In a World where wealthy nations offer standardized health care, the American system has undergone massive improvement as the paper will show.

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Research shows that newer and more efficient medical schools have been opened. Next, the founding of the American Hospital Association also dubbed the AMA, and the injection of over 27 billion dollars into the industry has seen marked improvements in the health care and delivery system (Schulte, 2012 ).

People are not responsible for their own healthcare as research shows that America launched the ACA also the Affordable Care Act (Schulte, 2012 ). This Act has covered both the insured and the uninsured amidst taking responsibility for the masses and the enlarged American population.

Primary healthcare is, however, not effectively practiced in America as studies point to a major shortage of primary healthcare doctors and nurses in the oncoming decade. Research shows that this gap would arise as the baby boom population when it would be undergoing retirement and old; it would suffer from major chronic bodily ailments (Schulte, 2012). As a result, the group would need a significant increase in medical care.

Clinically-focused and Population-focused practices

One of the major differences between clinically focused nursing practice and population-focused practice is the level of interaction and the broadened field of medical conditions one has to deal with. With the focused population practice, the nurse here works to promote the health and wellness of the populations. He or she does so by using knowledge from public health sciences, social and the nursing department for him or her to effectively administer treatment to the public (Schubert, Hitchcock & Thomas, 2003).

Clinically-based treatment, on the other hand, focuses on the individual client or patient. Here the nurse assesses the health care status of the patient. He then proceeds to plan with the patient on the most effective and suitable health care system for them. Thirdly, the nurse takes time with the client to evaluate the health care provided and check whether or not the client is satisfied with the health care system or not (Schubert, 2003).

With population-focused health care, here the nurse first has to consider the occurrence and the prevailing health conditions among the different races, ages, gender groups, and economies within the community. He then has to garner relevant information in regard to the community's needed assets and health necessities. He also has to develop programs that would involve the community in a bid to lower the re-occurrence of specific conditions and risks. He lastly has to perform an evaluation program on the patients and report on his findings.


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