Free Essay Sample on the New Development in Website Design by SH Solutions

Published: 2022-10-27
Free Essay Sample on the New Development in Website Design by SH Solutions
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Problem Description and Solution

Website design in the construction and renovation services in Canada has remained traditional using old approaches to display and provide marketing functions to companies involved in this industry. There are changing trends that have seen the growing need for brutalism and dynamic media content in building websites. This need is linked with increasing heavy content of video features with gradually less text with aim to provide a visual approach to the presentation of information. The target customer in this business is homeowners ranging from those needing renovation services to those who seek to have construction projects started from scratch with a focus on the Canadian market. Therefore, the new development in Website design is meant to enhance marketing attributes for homeowners and for company to experience significant impact on their returns and overall market growth.

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In a bid to solve the above problem, the new development in Website Design by SH Solutions seeks to provide a better and market-friendly display website with a significant amount of visuals to enhance customer effects. The new website design also seeks to provide clients with an improved interface that enhances the display of housing projects and products to improve their absorption and the competitive advantage that emanates from proper marketing. The use of Dynamic multimedia content will also include enhancing information management with the inclusion of PDF content that provides consumers with detailed information on their construction and renovation needs. The videos will additionally provide an appealing and less text-oriented marketing with house designs and special attributes centered on the visual display to increase the attractiveness of the products and services provided by the company.

Income Streams, Business Model, and Financing

Investment in new website developments will rely entirely on website hosting services that will generate revenues for the company. The other source of revenue for the company is programming and cloud hosting services. Therefore, those customers seeking the services of the company in the development of websites with this new outlook will have a mandatory time frame on which the company handles hosting activities with website management as an added service. The business model will also seek to have the construction or renovation service market in Canada focus on an advanced marketing approach in portraying and influencing consumer decisions in their products to enhance performance. Additionally, funding for this project is based on a 60 to 40 percent equity to debt ratio given the growing costs of data management that the company will need to implement in their development. Ultimately, the income streams, business model, and financing will all ensure that the company has reliable systems to enhance customer satisfaction.


The company, however, will face competition from already existing companies in the market such as Smart Reno, Home STARs, and Home Advisor among others. These companies have the upper hand in the market given their years of existence and an already established market presence. On the other hand, they only focus on the home construction and renovation services hence limiting consumers particularly those seek website design and hosting services from external providers.

Competitive Edge

Despite stiff competition present in the market, SH Solutions will introduce a combination of website hosting services and effective marketing approaches for construction and renovation services in Canada. This combination will give the company a competitive edge over those firms that focus only on the construction and renovation services. This approach will additionally introduce service alternatives to customer that include a combination of services well desired under one unit as compared to hiring home development and renovation companies, a different marketing company and another company offering website design, hosting and management options.

Marketing and Sales Plan

At SH Solutions, the marketing plan will be built on the basis of four professionals that have worked under website design and hosting companies and real estate development and redevelopment companies for over 20 years combined. This approach has an added advantage in enhancing the identification and satisfaction of target customers, development of a unique and advanced selling position and product quality needs. The company seeks to offer customers value for money, and hence it will focus on the quality of the services it offers in the center of the marketing plan. Pricing will as also be part of the entire marketing strategy with a combination of the three services which include website design, hosting, and marketing for construction and renovation services to achieve a competitive price.

On the other hand, sales strategy is aimed at providing revenue growth of at least 15% annually for the first three years of the business operations. For instance, through customer awareness, SH Solutions aims to achieve this target by maintenance of minimal expenses in its operations. Therefore, the use of online marketing and reliance on an existing company website will create awareness. Radio and television marketing will also be considered as ideal options to increase sales besides the use of social media which would also give SH Solutions a competitive edge.

Human Resource Plan

The delivery of the services that the company seeks to provide to the market, requires a highly skilled and trained team. In SH Solutions, a highly skilled and trained team will handle the website design, marketing and hosting services for construction and renovation customers in Canada. In the area of website design and management, SH Solutions seeks to employ eight professionals. The recruitment process will be focused on a skills-based assessment of potential candidates. This will ensure on the most appropriate applicants are hired centered on performance in providing designs of websites as well as their experience gained over the years from working under other companies offering similar services. The manager in charge of SH Solutions will be expected to have at least eight years of constant working experience with the subordinate team having at least four years of experience. The other workers will be hired on the basis of three years of experience. SH Solutions is therefore expected to start its operations in a period of six months, and hence the recruitment and training need to occur within this timeframe.

Financial Projections

The financial projections provided below cover a single year of business for SH Solutions. In the same year, the financial prospects of the company including the revenues expected and expenditures are provided to enhance understanding of the company income abilities.

Startup Costs

  • Business registration 750
  • Legal fees 1,500
  • Marketing and Promotions 10,000
  • Cost of hiring business consultants 5,000
  • Insurance costs 30,800
  • Accounting software, Payroll, and CRM software costs 3,000
  • Rent charges for one year 70,000
  • Facility remodeling and furniture and installations 45,000
  • Other startup expenses 2,000
  • Operational costs for the beginning year 150,000
  • Cost of internet servers 100,000
  • Furniture and gadgets 4,000
  • Website launching costs 600
  • Miscellaneous 5,000

Total Startup Costs 427650

The table above presents the startup costs that SH Solutions will incur to facilitate their operations over the one year. The projected income for the first year is additionally presented in the table below:

Income Statement Projections

Sales 600,000


  • Server monitoring 128,000
  • Advertising 19,000
  • Licenses and permits 22,000
  • Software support 9,000
  • Professional fees 53,000
  • Other expenses 93,000 324,000

Total Income 276,000


Due to the changing trends that have seen the growing need for brutalism and dynamic media content in building websites, the new development in Website Design by SH Solutions seeks to provide a better and market-friendly display website with a significant amount of visuals to enhance customer effects. The new development will be possible if all the components of business plan are given to given optimum focus required. Therefore, this ensure that SH Solution achieves a competitive advantage over the existing company and most important, receive the financial projections it expects to receive from the new development website design.

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