Essay Sample: Stages of Team Development in the DodgeBall Movie

Published: 2022-03-03
Essay Sample: Stages of Team Development in the DodgeBall Movie
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Team development includes various processes and stages that ensure that a goal-achieving group of individuals is formed and ready to achieve and accomplish its goals. According to Tuckman, the various stages of team development include; forming, storing, norming, performing and then adjournment after the achievement of the goals. The main aim of this analysis is to vividly look into these stages identifying the significance of each stage according to DodgeBall the movie.

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The first stage of team building is forming which include identifying the members and the project team as well as the project manager and all the relevant individuals to the project. During this stage, a team is at its stage where the problem has just been identified and all the team members are independent still as they are not fond of each other and the team's principles. According to the movie, this stage was appropriate when the team was being formed

Storming is the second stage where various ideologies and ideas begin to be tabled according to the various team members and the project manager. Tuckman explains that here, the team members begin to be font to each other unlike in the first stage and accept each other's' personalities and ideologies which is revealed in the DodgeBall when the team was formed an all the team members were steal not fond of each other. The project manager at this stage is responsible for guiding the entire team on the raising issues.

The third stage is norming where various principles guiding the operation of various functions of the team are stated. During this stage, the duties, responsibilities and principles are stated thus making each group member have a since of direction and determines what he or she should do in order to achieve the goals of the project. This stage is relevant to the movie since all the team members were given a role to play and all the ambitions in the movie were set clearly. The project manager in the DodgeBall ensured that all the principles were set and each members was well conversant with his or her task.

The final stage to the adjournment of the team is performing where all the team members have a clear vision of what they should do and what is expected from them in terms of skills and abilities. The team leader as well makes sure that all the tasks are accomplished and everyone performs according to his or her duties and responsibilities. According to the analysis, the team members did not accomplish all the goals thus at times team accomplishments can be overrated as per the movie. After accomplishing the project goals, the team can then be adjourned.

Adjournment is thus the last stage that comes when the project is at its final stage. Most projects according to Tuckman, are adjourned if all the goals are accomplished however, some projects are adjourned even when the goals are still pending. According to the movie Dodgeball, the project was adjourned even though not all the goals were accomplished. Some of the team members were not responsible to their tasks thus some silent accomplishments were not done hindering the goals and objectives of the team. This was however adjourned at the end.

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