Free Essay Sample on Anthropologist Racism

Published: 2023-01-09
Free Essay Sample on Anthropologist Racism
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Anthropologists are always concerned about human behavior and how such behaviors shaped the society in the past as well as in the present. Racism, as used in anthropology, refers to the social categories that are constructed within people's interactions (Antrosio & Han, Para.1). This is the classification of human populations into separate and distinct human races. Mostly, this is those that are asserted as superior from those that are thought to be inferior. Through racism, people tend to deal with each other in terms of cultural and social racial categories.

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Race, as defined as social construction by anthropologists, is based on human power. This has been variously institutionalized and practiced all over the world. Societies in the world take different tribal affiliations, language, class, religion, foods as well as a place of origin. In certain places in the world, people are presented according to their geographic origin. For example, in China, distinctions are between cooked and raw people. Also, colder climates are considered to produce politically as well as socially inferior people as compared to people in warmer climates in certain world countries. In terms of religion, Muslims, for example, divide people to be either believers or non-believers (Ali, Para.3).

Races are an essential aspect of personal identity in the community. Using racism helps one to identify with their cultural perspective and to hold different factors that would move them from one step to another in the community. In relating to the course of managing different races in society, segregation in diverse fields has come out as a great challenge to integration. Therefore, the aspect of racism and racial prejudice come out as influential in making an individual have different issues that affect their existence in society.

During the time of colonialism, a black man, commonly known as Negro was not free and subject to racism by color. According to Martin Luther King, the following were the plights that he identified as the effect of racism that had taken root in the United States. Increase the level of resistance; when one is discriminated, that is the black by the whites, level of resistance and free will is invoked, and man cannot deliver his best from slavery making it ineffective in as far as utilizing black workforce.

In the United States, the race is constructed between the differences that exist between black identities and Native Americans. Racial designations in the United States are used as the means to certain privileges, power, and wealth. Racial differences in the United States have so little to do with biology but rather the American history of slavery and racism that existed before. White supremacy against the subordinate blacks and other people of color bring around the issue of race and racial categories in the country. Unfair treatment at the workplace, police brutality based on color and different political inclination are some of the ways race is constructed in the United States.

Race should not be considered relevant to one's political life in the current world where states are moving towards democracy where every citizen is deemed to be equal to the other regardless of race, colour, and religion. Racism causes division among citizens and therefore leading to restlessness and a state of anarchy.

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