Essay Example on Cultural Psychology

Published: 2019-06-19
Essay Example on Cultural Psychology
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Cultural psychology is the study of behavioral and psychological tendencies and how they are rooted and alive in the culture. This implies that humans are formed by their culture and their culture is also formed by them. It involves cultural traditions and social practices and the way they express and transform human psych which results in ethnic deviation in mind, self and emotion and little human psychic unit. Many different cultural practices contribute to basic psychology theories although culture differs in many areas such as social values and logical reasoning. This means that there should be an expansion in cultural research so as to make the correct psychological theories based on a wide research from different areas of the world. Human cultural practices are also determined by their environment and the society they leave in. The mind of human and their culture is contusive and inseparable making it part of the psychology. The cultural practices and behavior of people in a particular place creates the psychological processes of the people leaving in that area.

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Some psychologists believe that stereotyping of culture such as in perception or attention affects the basic psychological theories. This generalizes everyones development across nations or continents and limits people as an individual, this happens mostly in North America. Some people in the society do not believe in their culture, some believe but do not practice them while some follow and practice all the culture this is where many people are limited as an individual and all are seen as a group. They claim that a person is defined by his or her inner self and not by the outer context. Many researches show that peoples behaviors are influenced by other people around them and the environment they live in and that is what makes cultural psychology and question the individuality or independence in cultural psychology. One persons behavior affects the other persons reaction and feelings and the surrounding and mind is what triggers the behavior and reactions or feelings. Despite the diversity in culture around the world, the psychologists should be able to form precise psychological theories.

As a person develops biologically to becoming a social being it is hard to choose to be either social or cultural being that is, someone not following any cultural practice and have no sociocultural way of behavior is so impossible. Studies have proved that peoples way of thinking, feeling and acting depend on specific cultural ways that is, ways shaped by practices or specific meaning in their experienced lives. Psychologists have tried to explain the relationship between culture and psychology. They disagree with the say that other people say that psychology is also bent by the socioculture. They say that the cultural practices collected from different places, go through a process and are analyzed to form the basic psychological theories. The relationships between the two have existed throughout history and there is no way the two can be separable since they coexist. There are five approaches that came from the literature offering viewpoint on how to capture the dynamic in coexistence between the sociocultural and psychological. The five approaches give clear explanations between the two and it proves that the two relates. Human beings psychology is related to their culture and environment as cultural psychology suggests.

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