Staffing an Intrapreneurship Plan, Business Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-24
Staffing an Intrapreneurship Plan, Business Essay Sample
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One intrapreneurship idea that can succeed in an organization is event planning. Today, many organizations want to carry out various events to achieve things such as improvement in customer relationships, strengthening of their reputation, and fostering their relationship with suppliers. In the long run, there will be large expenses for a company that regularly organizes events using an external event planner. Using internal resources to organize and plan events would go a long way in ensuring savings for the company. Successful event planning requires various people and skills (Allen, 2010). The skills needed include organization, time management, resourcefulness, communication, and people skills. The idea is bound to be successful as some company staff already possess these skills.

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Assessment of Team Members

The type of team necessary for the intrapreneurship plan to be successful should possess each of the skills needed for an event planner. Organizational skills allow coordination of every member of the team so that they carry out their responsibilities as per expectations (Allen, 2010). One the other hand, time management allows for better planning and therefore complete activities in time. Resourcefulness is among the most important skills that an event planner should have (Van der Wagen, 2010). Often, events need a creative fix of something and, therefore, resourcefulness allows one to use the available resources to solve a particular situation. Another requirement of a good event planner is communication skills. The skills make everyone on the team have their part in sharing their ideas and visions. With good communication, everyone can be open to new ideas as well as accept criticism (Allen, 2010). Ultimately, this would result in the event being successful. Just like communication skills, people skills involve the ability to listen to stakeholders and understand what they want to achieve. The skills will also enable one to convey whatever concept that is needed for a successful event when negotiating with vendors.

The event planning team needs to be diversified for the organization and planning of the event to meet expectations. The team would consist of an event director, program coordinator, venue coordinator, equipment coordinator, and hospitality coordinator. The event director is responsible for the overall selection, planning and provision of guidance to all other members of the team so as to ensure that they meet expectations (Allen, 2010). Under the event director, there will be four staff members with each coordinating certain activities. The program coordinator schedules all the activities in the program and needs to know everything and everyone who is in the program. The venue coordinator has the general task of ensuring that the venue is ready for the event. As the name suggests, the equipment coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that all equipment needed for the event are available on time. Finally, the hospitality coordinator is responsible for ensuring the overall well-being of the participants and guests.

Recruitment Process

The coordinators are important in every step of the event planning process, and their recruiting should be as early as possible. Selection of the coordinators will be on the basis of knowledge and skills. The recruiting process will consist of four steps: recruitment planning, strategy development, screening, and evaluation (Gatewood, Field, & Barrick, 2015). The planning phase will involve crafting job requirements of the position. The requirements will outline the skill sets, responsibilities, qualifications, and experience. The next step is strategy development. The step will involve identifying the method of recruitment, both internal and external. Various company staff possess skill sets that will allow them to occupy certain positions. Recruitment of the program, venue, equipment and hospitality coordinators will be internal. The reason is that internal recruitment is cheaper, quicker, and there is prior knowledge of the skill sets that the employees possess.

External recruitment will be the appropriate method for the event director. The reasons for this is that the event director needs to bring new ideas, knowledge, and experience in the event planning process. Further, the director will be responsible for overseeing all the activities of the event planning process as well as directing all the coordinators hence requiring an external person who has experience in event organization and planning. The main method to recruit the event director will be through the use of online tools such as LinkedIn groups that are related to the event industry. Such a method would be efficient in addition to being free. Apart from this method, recruiting of the event director can also be through local job boards.

After completion of the above processes, potential candidates would be in place. The next step is screening of the candidates. The screening process will involve two stages: paper screening and interviews. The paper screening will review the knowledge, skills, experience and overall background of the candidate (Gatewood et al., 2015). After the process, those who qualify will go through the interviewing process which will offer insight into the preferences and experience of the candidate among other things (Gatewood et al., 2015). During this phase, the candidates will have a chance to ask any questions that may need further elaboration. The final step is an evaluation of the recruitment process. Evaluation will assist in knowing if the process was effective and if it may need improvements in the future.

Key Position to Lead the Team

The key position that would lead the team is the position of the event director. The role of the event director will be to organize and mobilize all staff. It is important for the event directors to have the necessary skills to deal with different people under different circumstances (Van der Wagen, 2010). The role of this post is not only human resource management as there are also other responsibilities and tasks associated with the post. Some of the major tasks include developing event management policies and plan, monitor the progress of each activity in event planning and organization, and oversee the recruitment process as well as training that may be necessary to ensure a successful event planning process.

Event Director Job Description

The event director will be responsible for managing and overseeing event activities and ensuring that the staff adheres to deadlines and budgets. Also, the event director will direct all coordinators to ensure better preparation of the event.

Duties and Responsibilities

Oversee the recruitment process.

Manage all the staff in the event planning program.

Calculate budgets of the event.

Book event venues and negotiate fees if possible.

Coordinate event details such as birthdays, weddings, parties, business meetings, and anniversaries.

Work with event participants and guests to ensure the event is running as expected.

Analyze performance of the event and prepare program metrics.

Ensure overall success of the event.

Hire additional staff when necessary.

Give final approval for various items.

Job type: Part time

Salary Per Event: $1,000 1,500.


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